How To Come Up With Your New Year Priorities Through Thanksgiving

Create New Year Milestones Through the Process of Thanksgiving.

I came across a recent resource that briefly discussed prioritizing the new year with what I want to be thankful for by the end of it.

I never really thought about this before. Entering the gates of 2017 by creating milestones as to what I want to be thankful for by the end of the year sounded like a great idea.

What Bible Reading Plan I’m Choosing for 2017 and for many years to come

The Best Chronological Bible Reading Plan NOW on Digital Devices.

For many years, I’ve made a choice to follow a Bible reading plan. I do this as an intentional and regular starting point to keep me in the Word on a daily basis. I do this reading digitally. I tried paper, but it doesn’t work out for me as well as having my Bible reading on all my devices, providing me greater flexibility throughout the day if need be.

I would use the Bible App (a part of You Version family) as my number-one go-to app but not this year.

The Importance of Fulfilling Your Top Five Percent

While recently away, I spent time talking with the Lord about priorities, namely, defining the top five percent of my life that I, and only I, can do.

Much of what I’m sharing with you is a result of my recent study from Wayne Cordeiro’s book, “Leading on Empty.” I would urge you to pick up the book. You can see my review here.

Book Reviews: 5 Books Worth Reading

What I've been reading lately

Lately, the Lord has me reading A LOT of books and here are five of them I want to highlight. We’ve passed a few of these books among our Staff and have had great discussions as staff member contributes to what they are learning.

Leaders are readers, and we need to be consistently growing. So if you’re not reading, I strongly urge you to do so.