20 Reasons Why It Is So Important To Speak In Tongues

Being baptized in the Holy Spirit does not make one believer better than another. There are no inferior believers in God’s Kingdom....

Written by Greg Simas · 2 min read >

Being baptized in the Holy Spirit does not make one believer better than another. There are no inferior believers in God’s Kingdom.

But what the Baptism in the Holy Spirit does do is create an advantage. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit and more specifically, speaking in tongues, gives access to greater realms of God which benefits us deeply and those around us profoundly.

This post is not an apologetic defending Spirit baptism but its for those who have experienced the fullness of the Spirit and want to go deeper in understanding it’s power and benefits.

In this article, I’ll share with you two lists. The first list defines five general, yet very important reasons, about what happens when we speak in tongues. The second list gives much more specific reasons why it’s so important to engage the Spirit by speaking in tongues.

Five General Reasons to Speak in Tongues:

1. When we are speaking in tongues, we are speaking directly to God.

This answers the, ‘who am I speaking to when I pray in tongues?”. When we are speaking in tongues, we are speaking in a language God has given us to speak to him with.

1 Corinthians 14:2 “For he who speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God,”

2. When we speak in tongues, we are speaking mysteries.

Mysteries are invitations into greater depths of God’s heart and greater realms of revelation. We begin to get access to these mysteries by praying in the spirit.

1 Corinthians 14:2“… in the spirit he speaks mysteries.

3. When we speak in tongues, we strengthen ourselves.

When we speak in tongues we are given the ability to strengthen, i.e. bulk up, the spirit man.

1 Corinthians 14:4 “He who speaks in a tongue edifies himself,”

Jude 20 “But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit,

4. When we speak in tongues, we build capacity for God.

Praying in the spirit widens our capacity for the life of God and builds and strengthens our connection with our spirits and God’s.

Ephesians 3:16, 19 “that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man… 19 “… to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

5. When we speak in tongues, we experience personal transformation.

The Holy Spirit has come to not only empower the believer but to make them more like the Jesus. Sin’s influence weakens as we make room to strengthen our spirits ushering us into the Power of Christ within us.

Romans 8:29 “For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren.”

Here are twenty reasons why speaking in tongues is so important:

  1. Tongues were the visible proof that the disciples received the Holy Spirit (Acts 2).
  2. Tongues were the sign that Christ’s church had been born in both to the Jew (Acts 2) and the Gentile (Acts 10).
  3. Speaking in tongues is what convinced both Peter and the governing church authority (the Apostles) that the Gentiles are saved and could be saved (Acts 11).
  4. Speaking in tongues was a vital part of both the Apostle Paul’s life and teaching (1 Cor. 14:18).
  5. Speaking in tongues is tied to the Gospel of Marks great commission (Mark 16:14–20).
  6. Speaking in tongues is the supernatural language given by God to believers thus it is the language of the God’s Spirit and His Kingdom.
  7. Speaking in tongues gives us gives us spirit to spirit communication with God (Rom. 8:26-27).
  8. Speaking in tongues allows us to access the mysteries of God (1 Cor. 14:2).
  9. Praying in tongues is the number one way believers strengthen themselves (1 Cor. 14:2).
  10. Speaking in tongues tames the tongue which James says in the most unruly member of the body (James 3:1–12).
  11. Praying in tongues is always the perfect prayer (Rom. 8:26-27).
  12. Praying in tongues releases miraculous intercession for people whom we know and those we don’t.
  13. Praying in tongues is governmental because it accesses the heart of God and prays what He wants to do on earth (Rom. 8:26-27).
  14. The gift of tongues and interpretation of tongues is used by the Holy Spirit to both edify and strengthen the church (1 Cor. 12, 14).
  15. Speaking in tongues can actually lead people to repentance.
  16. Praying in tongues is the main way we fulfill the mandate to pray without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17).
  17. Speaking in tongues is part of our spiritual armor (Eph. 6:18).
  18. Praying in tongues brings our spirit into unity with God’s purposes.
  19. Praying in the Spirit renews our minds.
  20. Praying in tongues builds the interior life of the believer.

Hopefully, these two lists will help you start and/or strengthen your journey in living out the Spirit-filled life.

Question: How has praying in the Spirit benefited you? What has been your journey? Are their questions you still have about the Baptism in the Holy Spirit? 

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Written by Greg Simas
Greg is the Founder and Senior Leader of Convergence House of Prayer, Husband, Father, Pastor and Writer. He is married to his wife Wendi, and have three amazing children and four grandchildren. Greg lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Profile

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108 Replies to “20 Reasons Why It Is So Important To Speak In Tongues”

  1. So good! When I don’t know how to pray, or when I am overcome with emotion and unable to pray, I speak in tongues until I feel release. It’s the “Spirit” who gives me utterance when I am otherwise unable to pray.

    1. Thanks for the comment. It feels good to start writing again. Regarding speaking in tongues and praying in the spirit, I’m learning to start my time with the Lord praying in the Spirit. For me, I left praying in the spirit as the last resort but I’m discovering that when it’s the first thing I do my time with the Lord is that much better. Thanks again for jumping on the blog and sharing! 🙂

      1. How then is a speaking in tongues christian not better than the none when looking at the list of benefits. Which tongues are you referring to here? Dialect or the other

        1. please can you just look at his first statement?👉Being baptized in the Holy Spirit does not make one believer better than another. There are no inferior believers in God’s Kingdom. And also it depends on individuals i.e how deeper you are in the lord🙏

        2. By that, he is saying – that you pray in tongues is not a bases to which you feel or think you are better than another who doesn’t. You can reflect this even from the words of Paul (1cor. 15:2-10).
          You are not better, you are advantaged. I think this sentence shouldn’t be miss-understood – because all we can do or be are all products of God’s Grace. Shalom

    2. Good morning dady, how are you doing, i hope by the grace of God you are doing well. By he way, am a Rev. Minister in Ghana and you have made me understand what the tongues mean and the work of it, thank you very much. Thank you, God bless you.

  2. Dear Pas. Greg,
    Its an awesome post about the importance of speaking in tongues and has inspired me to give more emphasis and apply constantly. Thank you for listing at least 20 reasons here, it could not keep track of them all on Sunday.
    Jesus is so awesome, thank you for going after this. I feel you are following His heart well. Grateful for you being my pastor.


      1. I’ve been a Christian for 21 years.. I’m one of God’s Generals in his army and I had read the entire Bible 151 times and did not know the power or effectiveness of tongues until you gave specific answers thank you tremendously..

  3. Please prove to me through scripture that “praying in the spirit is the perfect prayer.”

    1. Romans 8:26-27 says, “26 Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered 27 Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God.”

      It’s the perfect prayer because the Holy Spirit is praying for us according to the perfect will of God. God is speaking to God. Praying in the Spirit is a perfect prayer because it’s prayer made by God to God whom is perfect in every way. Blessings!

      1. Thank you for the response. I do pray in the Spirit and with my understanding. There is a danger of getting lazy in prayer if you only and always pray in tongues. Especially when laying on of hands. Those receiving the prayer need to know what you are praying over them so they can be encouraged in their faith. Also if I’m partnering in prayer, I want to hear my partner pray in my understanding so I can agree with them.

        1. I fully agree with you David. It’s important for every believer to be led by the Spirit. What you described in your comment is very reasonable and lends itself practically to ministry among one another as a body of believers.

        2. I’m glad that you brought this up as I thought the same thing. I used to think that God would get upset with me because I mostly prayed in tongues.
          I used to abhor the way I prayed, comparing my prayers to others.
          God told me that I have a child like heart & simplicity of heart.
          He showed me not to complicate prayer. To pray simply without fancy words etc. I still struggle with my natural prayers a bit. But do you believe that if I continue to pray in the spirit, my natural prayers will make better sense especially for others? I believe that it will. And I now realise that comparing myself to other believers has a pride element attatched to it. God bless

  4. One of my favorite articles you’ve written, Pastor Greg. It has been common practice for me to pray in tongues for hours every day, not always at one time but when I am at work or in the car or on my walks a lot of it is spent praying in the Spirit. I love that you started the article by saying that being baptized in the Holy Spirit does not make us better than other believers, that’s such a good word! It doesn’t make us better but it definitely gives us access to deeper realm of Daddy’s heart. Like all other power gifts and Spirit manifestations, when we speak in tongues with a transformed mind and a devoted heart we have the ability to release things into the atmosphere that can literally partner with the Father to change lives. Amen!

    1. Hi Zachary, so great to hear that you spend that much time praying in the Spirit. It brings up a good point, that is, it’s not too hard to maintain a vibrant prayer life by praying in the Spirit I think we just need to be made more aware of it and engage when we are reminded. That’s how we learn to “walk in the Spirit” as scripture commands us to do.

  5. When I don’t know what to pray about, I speak in tongues. The Holy Spirit knows what I should be praying and requesting God. Great post!

  6. I Believe fully in the Death and ressurection of Jesus Christ and have asked for forgiveness and repented truly. I was raised Catholic and baptized as a baby but I feel like I could not declare my faith truly. I also disagree with many of the Catholic teachings and I want to be baptized in a Bible Believing Trinity Believing Church. Will then I be able to speak and pray in tongues?

    1. Hi Diego, The baptism in the Holy Spirit is a promise (gift) given for those believers who ask. When you are born-again the Spirit of God dwells IN you. When you are baptized in the Holy Spirit the Spirit dwells ON you. Read Acts 1 and 2 for a reference point. So I encourage you to just ask the Lord to baptize you with the Holy Spirit and ask Him for your prayer language. Hope this helps!

  7. Thank you pastor I do pray in tongues. But after reading the post I desired more of praying in tongues. Today I pray for hours without stopping.

  8. Pastor Greg, hello! I want to learn how to pray in tongues because I see how essential it is in in the Word of God in the apostles’ teachings. I’ve been fighting impulsive swearing and blaspheming of God in my mind and I just want it to end and I want to be clean for the Spirit to speak. I declare the end of this evil in my mind in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    1. That’s good, Matthew. I believe if you just exercise praying in the Spirit, much of what you are facing will have less and less of an impact and your mind will find rest in the peace of God. Blessings!

  9. Pator Greg. Thank you for your post. It is simple and easy to understand and follow. I am enlightened about the importamce and need to speak in tongues. Please how can I receive the gist of the Holy Spirit and be able to speak in tongues.

    1. Hi Andy. First of all, sorry for the long delay… I just got in a log jam through the month of January. 😉

      I’m glad the post provided some insight for you. Here is a short answer on how to receive the gift of the The Holy Spirit.

      1. Ask.
      “Father, I ask in the name of Jesus that You would baptize me in the Holy Spirit. I recognize that this is a free gift for me to receive. So I ask that you would fill with the fullness of God. I want to speak in tongues, I want to prophesy, I want all that you have for me. Thank You for the good gifts that You give”

      Luke 11:13 “If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!”

      2. Receive by faith. Again, being baptized in the Holy Spirit is not based on merit by received by faith. Relax, Rest and Worship

      3. Yield to God. As the Holy Spirit rises within you. Speak out what God is enabling you to say. We do the speaking and the Holy Spirit gives us what to say.

      1. I have tried all these steps many times, have been prayed over by many people who have this gift — with no results. What do you think I have to do?

        1. I believe you have received the Baptism but now you must pursue your spiritual language. Begin to thank the Lord for you receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit and ask now for your prayer language. Hope this helps.

        2. You have to have given your life to Christ before asking the Holy Ghost to fill you. Then tell Him “I receive you”. What you do then is to try speaking without thinking.

  10. Thank you pastor Greg for this post. @Diego, you can still be fully baptised in the ghost and enjoy the full benefits of praying and speaking in tongues as a Catholic, I am a Catholic and a member of the Catholic charismatic renewal in the Catholic Church and by the grace of God am baptised in the holy ghost and speak and pray in tongues and it has really helped my prayer life. I will advice that u ask for the Catholic charismatic renewal in your parish and join, God bless you.

    1. Hi Amos. Real cool stuff here. I remember reading a book by Bennett about the charismatic breakout back in the late 60’s. Glad it’s still rolling! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Is speaking in tounges a gift for anyone to receive or is it a spiritual gift for some people?

  12. I have been teaching the bible the last 10 years in China and I definately believing in speaking in tongues but my question is “Isn’t it disrespectful to our Holy Awesome Father if we speak in Tongues as we drive or clean house or read the Bible?” When I am talking to someone I give them all my attention and I don’t spend hours talking in tongues because I work 8 hours a day, cook, clean, laundry, teach and prepare lessons for another 8 hours a day and then sleep. thank you for answering me because there are only a few people I know who speak in tongues and speak English here. Karen

    1. Hi Karen. Make sure your view of the holiness of God does not create barriers to the ease and approach to a loving Father who is eager to talk with us. Praying in the Spirit is a direct and unfiltered means of communication with God that in many ways transcends the ongoing activities of our day. I wouldn’t worry about what your doing while your praying in the Spirit, I would simple stay with it. God knows your heart and schedule.

  13. This is really amazing. Thank you Pastor Greg. I really desire to speak in tongues. God help me and may his spirit fill me.

  14. Do we only have to speak in tongues to show that we are really baptised with the holy spirit

    1. Hi Janet. Not at all. We don’t speak in tongues to prove anything. Speaking in tongues is a gift to all believers to be used often in our every day life. The apostle Paul says, “I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you… (1 Cor. 14:18)”. Hope this helps!

  15. Let’s stand up. Look someone in the eye, and think about how many times that person may have missed what God had for him. Join your hands if you can, with two or three people, and tell each other that there’s no need for any more defeat! We can overcome! There is enough power to overcome! Jesus has already finished the work.” Pray for each other that the Lord will help us to overcome. We should not lose. There is enough grace, enough power, for victory.

    Thank you, Jesus.

  16. There is more power in a drop of the blood of our Lord Jesus than in all of Satan’s kingdom.
    “Through Thee Will we push down our enemies; Through Thy NAME! Will we tread them under that rise up against us!! ”
    The Lord has recently brought me back. Satan wants believers to not pray in tongues. And if you do, to do it as little as possible. The more I pray in tongues the more I realize of that. A few years ago, when I received it, the Holy Ghost, “who is a person” revealed to me the fact that one of the reasons Satan and his minions hate this supernatural attestation of the Holy Ghost is because it gives us a tremendous edge! They can not understand it!! They can’t evesdrop your prayers! So ,is like they’re being bound, taking down, attacked, etc and they dont know who’s causing this or when they’re being attacked next! ” and the gates of Hell, shall not prevail against it!” What a a picture! A church, on the attack, not only going to hell itself but knocking down it’s gates! Not the other way around. Praying in tongues is also how we do spiritual warfare. Thank you LORD for our Lord Jesus!

  17. Been sharing about the reason why we should speak in tongues. and I came up on your message. this message has helped me to share at my church. God bless you . Bishop James. From Nairobi Kenya.

  18. Great post, Pastor Greg!
    As a Bible college instructor in Singaore, I required my students to attend a prayer “laboratory” where we prayed in tongues all day, 9am – 5pm. Of course, we took lunch and tea breaks, but we got some good prayer in. Busy students learned to pray through to victory!


    1. This is fantastic, David! Sounds like you are doing some great things in Singapore. Was there testimony from the students after the Speaking in Tongues laboratory?

  19. They had to write up a simple lab report of their experience in the prayer lab. I only kept one testimony, it was from a man named Paul Lee. He told of how he didn’t think he could make it, praying all day in tongues. Then after praying to past 2pm, he noticed it was getting warm. He checked the air conditioner, but it was still the same temperature. Then, he writes, he realised God’s power had just flowed through him, because he had had a back problem. He said it felt really good. He determined to pray more in tongues after that experience.
    I’d be happy to email you a copy of Paul’s lab report.


    1. Hey David, love this. I can’t imagine praying that long in tongues and not have something take place. I believe Paul could have been praying for his own healing, in the Spirit, and God broke through. Enjoyed the testimony!

      1. I think you’re right, Pastor Greg, he was likely praying for his own healing.


  20. I believe God has blessed with the gift of healing and I can speak I tongues fluently. I prayed for a daughter who had backache n she got instant healing. Though at a point I felt like it’s not real but I am beginning to embrace it so I went on to pray for a sister who is blind hoping she will get instant healing but have not got any calls from her. So anxious how should I handle this and how do I know the holy Spirit wants the sister to be healed through me?

    1. Hi Juliet. I’m glad your are going after healing! In response to your situation and question. 1.) Glad you prayed for the bling person! 2.) Don’t be anxious because Jesus is the healer, we are the agent that comes into agreement with heaven and prays for healing. So be a peace, you did what you sensed God saying to you. 3.) God wants all people to be healed. He paid for all our sickness on the cross and healing is found in His atoning work. So it’s God’s will to heal all.

  21. Hi Pr. Greg Simas.
    Thanks for your help.
    Will everyone pray in tongues in the same way? With the same noise and the same words?
    I’m starting to pray in tongues and the sounds are different and the speed is also different. Some brothers pray very slowly and I pray very fast.
    Pastor, praying in tongues, can I have my marriage saved? I going to rejoin my husband? My husband Will warm up?
    My husband has been away from me and I have been away from him for many years and he is very cold about me. I hope that the prayers in tongues will make a miracle in our lives and our marriage will be restored.
    Pastor, how many hours should we pray in tongues and how many days of prayer in tongues can we see the Glory of God? I’ve been praying for 21 days and I pray every day from 1 hour to 7 hours. Saturday and Sunday I was praying 7 hours every day in a row and then another 2 Hours. So it was 9 hours praying on Saturday and Sunday.
    When i praying can I drink water?
    Thank you, Pastor, and may God bless you.
    Cesaria of Portugal
    Please pastor answer me straight of my email.

    1. Dear Cesaria. Please please drink water. :). You have lot’s of questions which I cannot address here. I would encourage you to find some good books on speaking in tongues so you can get a wider scope of what tongues is all about. Also, I would encourage you to find a Pentecostal church in Portugal (possibly and Assemblies of God church) and ask to if you can talk with someone about speaking in tongues. This can be helpful, too.

  22. Only yesterday I discussed with a Jehovah witness about the speaking in tongues.For them they take as an Alphabetical language which was spoken by the apostle so today it is not relevant the speaking in tongue.The tongues of the day of pentecost was came in a form of prophecy but after that all those who receive it, is for their own good in the sense that formostly it help all to pray. One without the baptism of the Holy Spirit cannot travail in prayer.Rom8:26-27.

    1. Good points here, Mpakpa. What is amazing to me are all those who minimize and try to explain away the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Keep moving forward and enjoy blessing from the Lord.

  23. Hi,
    How can speaking in tongues lead people to repentance. Is there a bible reference for this?

    1. I think that Acts 2:7-11 helps us by allowing us to see tongues as a sign to unbelievers that points them to God. I know of several occurrences where believers spoke in tongues to others, namely as they prayed for them, only to discover that it was in a language only that person understood and the believer was unaware of. The content of that prayer, ie speaking in tongues, turned the hearts of the person(s) to God. Hope this helps.

  24. Thankyou Pastor Greg,
    I have recently returned from backsliding. I previously used to get quite frustrated in regard’s to my prayer life. As I believed I was just no good at it. I used to compare my prayers to other believers. I know now that the enemy was trying to keep me discouraged & he was doing a good job of it.
    I struggled with pray to God & thought “you are different to other believers, your prayers are pathetic to God & myself.
    Since coming back to Him I pray for certain aspects of my life in the natural, but after that I pray in the spirit for as long as I can.
    I do daily readings of His word & then I pray in the natural and mostly in the spirit. I do it in the morning and before I go to sleep.
    I pray in the spirit whenever I get the opportunity to do so.
    One time I was praying in the spirit & I felt the Holy spirit taking over. It was amazing as it went very deep into my spirit. For I knew that it was not me praying anymore but it was the Holy spirit praying within me.

    I haven’t had that happen ever since, but I won’t give up speaking in tongues. The more I pray in tongues the more I want to know Him.
    In addition your explanation of speaking in tongues is encouraging & the main aspect is that you line it up with scripture.
    Take care of yourself Pastor Greg & God Bless you.

  25. Greg currently my wife and I are separated. We are both believers. She is planning to move 1000 miles away from me and currently refuses to answer any of my calls. I am baptized with the Holy Spirit. If I were to start spending much time daily praying in the Spirit would that effect her and bring restoration to our marriage. Are you familiar of testimonies of others having this result? God bless you brother.

    1. Hi, Dave. I can’t say that this would happen, but what I can say, is that when we pray in the Spirit, it always the perfect prayer because it’s the Spirit of God praying through us as we enable Him, making intercession. I know the will of God is for marriages to be Christ-centered and one. I also realize that God has given us free-will. With that being said, I would most certainly pray in the Spirit, being confident that God’s will is reconciliation and full restoration. Praying for you guys. Greg

  26. good day pastor,

    Thank you for the importance of speaking in tongues. but doesnt the bible say it is better to interpret what is prayed in tongues, than to speak it, as when you speak in tongues, yes it edifies a person, but at the same time wont you want to know what is god telling us through his holy spirit. I believe worshiping in tongues one would not need to be told, but if you are praying in tongues to someone else wouldnt that person want to know what god has said to him, to reveal what is being told by the holy spirit… just a thought…

    1. Hi, Thiloshnee. What you are referring to is when tongues are used in a corporate gathering. In a corporate setting, you want someone who will interpret the gift of tongues. Hope that helps.

  27. Wow this is really amazing and true…I learned a lot thank God for your life Sir. May the Lord bless you and move you to next level in Jesus name.

      1. Pastor Greg,great evening to you Sir, thanks for the wonderful piece on speaking in tongues always which I was just been made open to& supported by your message. Infact it really helps to speak in tongues, l as a person easily worries,but since l started praying always in tongues, l feel joyful and faith-fill even on the face unseemly situation. Thanks & God bless.

  28. Dear Reverend Simas,
    I have been speaking in tongues for 16 years now and I know tongues are from God. However, I have noticed for the past 4 years that whenever I speak in tongues that same day, indeed, immediately, weird and even dangerous things start happening: fights with people get hostile and unreasonable, I have close call car accidents that aren’t my fault, etc. As soon as I seize speaking in tongues these things cease, as soon as I resume they do to. Could these actually be INCANTATIONS, the words of prophecy that disturb and provoke the spiritual realm and thus the demons as well? Could they be acting out of fear and revenge? These events are so scary and overwhelming I have ceased speaking in tongues until this matter is resolved. I appreciate your thoughtful consideration. Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Marcin. I never heard this before. What you are experiencing, and it’s possible link to the speaking in tongues, is inconsistent with scripture. Your prayer language can never be an incantation because it’s root is the Holy Spirit. I would consider talking to a spirit-filled, mature believer or leader or Pastor about this. Also, I’m assuming that you are living wholeheartedly and fully devoted, in word and deed, to the Lord. My prayers are with you as you proceed.

    2. Dear Marcin,
      I had similar experiences when I started praying in tongues, and yes I do believe your tongues were genuine and not incantations. If they were incantations, the enemy would not have bothered to intimidate you because you would have been on his side. I believe you had a breakthrough in prayer and warfare and must have destroyed some of his works. I overcame this by applying the Word of God – Luke 10:19 says that Jesus has given us power to trample on serpents and scorpions, and power over ALL the power of the enemy, and that nothing would by any means harm us. (Please read it for yourself). As believers, we have been given much greater power than that of the enemy, and we should believe it and take up our God-given authority. I would, and still do, speak/declare this verse out every day, making it personal. And then I would request the Holy Spirit for safety and protection and for Him to cover me and my family with the blood of Jesus. Please don’t stop making use of this wonderful gift. That’s exactly what the enemy wants. I hope to have helped you. Be blessed.

  29. I am very grateful for my dear pasta from Nigeria. at any time I begin to speaks with tongues I am edified and my spirit prays always!

  30. Hello Pastor Greg,
    What a spirit inspired exposition about speaking in tongues!
    One of the ways I got converted from Islam about 15years ago was after hearing a group of Christians speaking in tongues, something inside of me witnessed to me that they were communicating directly with God and my soul yearned for it, shortly after I gave my life to Christ and in less than a week I was speaking in tongues as a new convert.
    Glory be to God, 15 years and still in the love and the service of the master!!!

    1. Mariam, what a fantastic testimony. This is the second such testimony from someone who was not saved yet, hearing others speak and tongues and knowing that it was real and of God, so much so, that they wanted to receive the Lord! Thanks for sharing and praying for you to have many more years of love and service with the Lord.

  31. My faith has been build so strongly, truly I’m amazed by some of the things that are happening in me.

  32. I am grateful, for this message sir. I am battling with that spirit of prayerless life, but when I started praying in tongues of recent I feel safe and that kind of joy in my life. I will appreciate to receive your message on my mail.

  33. I find little worth in praying in my learned language. Paul said that he spake in tongues more than the entire Corinthian church put together.

  34. I am so blessed with this word, may God continue to use you to preach his word in Jesus name.

  35. I am fully satisfied with what I have read about praying in tongues is like I can read it repeatedly. Thank you very much.

  36. True speaking in tongues has benefited me a lot because i speak in mystery which the enemies can’t understand

  37. One of my pastors once told me that when you are praying in the spirit the devil will run away from you because he’s not understanding what you are saying. is it true? And can you just start to talk anyhow in prayer and say, you are praying in the spirit? (My denomination is the presbyterian church in Nigeria)

    1. Hi Ken. Great to hear from folks in Africa. Regarding your questions. There are no biblical grounds for the devil running away from you when you speak in tongues. What’s biblical, is the exhortation to pray in the Spirit (Ephesians 6:18). I don’t quite understand the second part of your question. Blessings to you!

  38. Does the spirit gives you only one thing to keep repeating in prayer when you are praying in the spirit?

    1. Hi Ken. That’s up to the Holy Spirit. I usually don’t contemplate these things. I just pray as the Spirit of God flows from me. 🙂

  39. Hello Pastor Greg, I really enjoyed reading your blog concerning speaking in tongues, I myself pray in the spirit (speak in tongues) daily. I was baptized in the Holy Spirit many years ago. I am corresponding with you because I like how you clearly explain & help others with their questions. I have two questions to ask you. In my heart & life I do know the answers to the two questions I am about to ask you because I have lived & walked in the Spirit for many years but I am mentoring a young Pastor’s wife ( my husband & I Pastored for over 35 years) . (1.) Do you believe speaking in tongues is the initial physical evidence of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit? Scripture reference please. (2.) What is your thoughts about speaking in tongues during a church service & should the Pastor speak in tongues from the platform
    & encourage his/her congregation to pray in tongues. Not interrupting the flow of the worship or ministry of the Word but in one accord? Scripture reference please. Thank you & blessings to you & your family.

    1. Hi Marilyn.
      Sorry for the late reply. (1) In regard to the initial physical evidence take a look at these passages; Acts 2:4; 10:44, 46. We know the Apostle Paul was prayed over by Ananias to be filled with the Holy Spirit in Acts 9:17 and spoke in tongues (1 Cor. 14:18). I do believe that one can receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit, without “initially” speaking in tongues, but if you are baptized in the Holy Spirit you will “eventually” speak ing tongues. I do pray with them to receive their prayer language, but if they don’t receive it right then and there, it does not mean they did not receive. I give them instructions on how to go after their prayer language and encourage them to eagerly pursue it. (2) Speaking in tongues in the church is fine if it follows scripture. As a gift, it should be followed by an interpretation (1 Cor. 14:27-28). As a Pastor myself, I have led our congregation in praying and singing in the Spirit during church services. Mainly when we are led to pray over specific intercessory items or during extended times of worship. (Rom. 8:26; 1 Cor. 14:15). Hope this helps.

  40. Good evening Sir.
    Is it true that Speaking in Tongue is the initial evidence of Baptism of the Holy Ghost?. And also is this emphasising that it’s every Believer who has baptised in the Holy Ghost must speak in tongues?

  41. Good day Pastor Greg.
    Thanks for your post on speaking in tongues . My son has been telling me to speak in tongues but I do it seldomly though I’m a believer to the glory of God. When I was praying yesterday I heard Holy Spirit clearly that ‘pray in the spirit’ and I obeyed so today I came online to know more so your post has clearified it to me. But I want to ask if speaking in tongues means praying in God’s will does it mean tongues can change someone’s prayer request?


    1. Good question, Taiwo. I don’t have a direct answer to that one. I suppose, after we pray in the Spirit, a prayer request that we had can begin to change as we receive more revelation from God, bringing God’s wisdom and counsel into our hearts. Hope this helps.

  42. Am blessed to learn from you Jesus and now am strengthened in my life. God bless you for your teaching. Pastor Naboth- Uganda

  43. Hello,just stumbled across this gold-mine summary of the Bible.
    Thanks alot.
    I realized that when I am woken up in the middle of the night to pray,I found out that praying in my normal Language-English was very limiting and honestly boring…
    The the Holy Spirit prompted me to pray in tongues.
    I find that hour is too sacred for me to wake up and start telling God of my problems, but very rewarding when I just dive into tongues at that time.

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