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Unlocking Your Identity in God

I came across this story a few days ago regarding our identity.

“The thief on the cross who begged for forgiveness in the last moments of his life must have been shocked when he stepped over the line into paradise after Jesus told him he would (Luke 23:43). I imagine this former thief walking the streets of gold, shocked at the robe he was given and the greetings he received from the angels. When he asked what it was all about, one of the angels told him, “You don’t understand—you’re a king here.” The thief looked at the angel, stunned. “A king?” he asked. “If I had known I was a king, I would have never lived as a thief!” 7 Longings of the Human Heart – Mike Bickle

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How to Build a Life of Prayer From the Truth Up

By Ben Woodward

We will be giving away Ben’s new product entitled “The Power of Proclamation” workbook for free. Everyone can really benefit from the Power of Proclamation as part of their daily pursuit with the Lord.

Breaking the power of the lies that we have believed about God takes more than raw determination. It takes powerful prayer. Begin to understand the forgotten prayer life of proclamation and discover in it the power to move mountains and change the course of your future. DISCOVER WHO GOD REALLY IS AND LET IT CHANGE YOUR LIFE

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