Making the Choice to Declare His Worth in a “What’s In It For Me” Culture

Declaring His worth in a “what’s in it for me?” culture is extremely counter-culture.

The “what’s in it for me?” mindset runs deep.

“We live in a culture that revolves around consuming. Every TV commercial, every store, every credit card company, every bank, every TV show or movie, every piece of clothing, car or product, every website, every restaurant…everything is tailored to fit our desires, needs or personal preference. We are easily infuriated when things don’t happen exactly as we want them to.” We exist in a place that implicitly says this: “We are here to serve you and meet your every whim and desire.”

Obituary for the American Church  “How Consumerism Infects our Worship”

Our “what’s in it for me” consumer-driven culture is often brought right into our worship experience. A primary thought for many people as they come before the Lord in worship is, “how will this benefit me? Are my personal preferences satisfied? What am I getting out of it?”

So, What Have You Been Reading Lately?

A leader is a reader. Growth is key in fulfilling our purpose in life. Without growth we will fall short of God’s best.

Below is a number of books I have read over the past few months. A few books did not get on the list because I didn’t finish reading them (I admit, I do this a lot).

There is no rhyme or reason to the order of the books I have read. Usually, I pick a book based on what I sense the Lord stirring within me.  Other times, just because it looks interesting.