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Encouragement for Writers

As bloggers/writers connecting with our tribe and friends is always great. But every once in a while the Lord just gives something to you that let’s you see that what you are writing is adding value and making a difference in people’s lives.  How rewarding.

Here is one I received just last week:

“I was doing a study on this passage to minister on. I discovered this blog and was blown away by it. You did an incredible job. I almost preached it word for word. You put it so clearly and eloquently I couldn’t find much to add.”  — Jason

Thanks to each of you for every article read and comment given at M1P. 😉

Five Benefits of Declaring His Worth

Even if I receive nothing in return for my worship expression to the Lord, I choose to worship solely because He is worthy. End of story.

BUT, I can’t escape sharing the results of what happens in me when I do declare His worth. I have to admit, I am reluctant to share these benefits because my natural tendency is to lean toward how things benefit me first, so His worth might become a means to initially receive rather than simply give. Yet, I think it’s important to put these out here as long as we never confuse the sequence of priority.

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