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Love Fremont 2013

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Here is a video highlighting our very first “Love Fremont” week with the Convergence HOP community.

“Love Fremont” challenged everyone in our cHOP community to show God’s love in practical ways by loving, serving and sharing the heart of Jesus with our city. We challenged each person to serve a minimum of one hour in one week. Our target was to serve a total of 200 hours.

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New Future Friday (2)

This is our second edition of New Future Friday. I am trying to give you weekly updates on our new Convergence House of Prayer building.

The framing is going up fast. All the walls are taking shape and rooms are becoming much more than mere architectural drawings.

There is so much detail going into this building. Codes to follow, different levels of power, sound engineering, audio engineering, lighting, air conditioning,  age level construction, finishes and so on. It is all pretty mind-blowing.

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The Danger of Entitlement: 5 Ways To Loosen Its Grip On Our Lives

The entitlement message is eating away at our personal life, church life and our relationship with the Lord. Its message is so pervasive that we will never escape it; at best we can only manage it. “You’ve earned it.” “You deserve it.” “You have every right to have it.” These statements are at the heart of the entitlement message and our western culture.

For example, I fear our government is lulling us into greater entitlement dependency. The more our government creates an “entitlement dependency” the more we expect the government to give us what we now believe we are entitled too. This leads to greater government control by people relinquishing personal freedoms for government entitlements.

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