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How Faith And Hope Work Together To Give You Confidence in God

Faith and hope are vitally connected and it’s important to understand the value they have together so we can have an unshakeable confidence in God.

To be honest, both faith and hope have always been a bit of a mystery for me. By nature, they both seem a bit vague. You cannot touch them, hear them or see them yet you see the evidence of each: people saved, prayers answered and a joyful outlook of the future, to name a few.

One thing we do know, there is a vital connection between faith and hope. One cannot live without the other.

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New Future Friday (3)

This is the third edition of New Future Friday. I don’t know if you have ever gone through a full building program but there is great glory, great detail and tons of what I call “10 year” decisions. Nonetheless, there is joy in the journey seeing the new Convergence House of Prayer going up.

I remember Wendi and I (Hannah and Jordan) moving to the Bay Area from Eugene, Oregon in 1995 with nothing but a call of God and a small group of good friends. It’s been quite a ride.

And the lessons I’ve learned about longevity in one place cannot be measured. There are things only longevity can teach. Thank the Lord for His faithfulness through the years.

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The Third Circle

Gospel clarity is crucial. There is a growing concern that the centrality of the gospel message is muddied. A growing entitlement culture along with a consumer-driven lifestyle  is creating  what I call “the third circle.”

I told someone recently that Jesus is not a piece of luggage we through in the trunk of our car as we make the journey through life. He is also not someone we put in our back pockets and pull Him out when we need something.

Jesus is Lord. When we asked Him into our life, we willingly yielded to His leadership in exchange for His love and life both now and throughout eternity.

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