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Why We Cannot Measure God’s Goodness With Problem-Free Living

So often we believe that the measure of God’s goodness is found in a life free of trials and problems. This kind of thinking is simply not biblical. If so, we would have to conclude that the writers of the Old and New Testaments and even Jesus himself fell short of God’s goodness.

Truth is, we cannot measure the goodness of God with problem-free living as if to say that the one who has less problems is experiencing more of God’s goodness. This kind of thinking is pervasive in the minds of so many Christians.

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The Tension Of Going From Glory To Glory

Going from glory to glory requires tension.

When we started building the new Convergence HOP building, I realized that the project would be joyful, intense and time-consuming.

I have seen through the years that so many Pastors and Leaders resigned their positions shortly after a building project. The work was too demanding and the ministry too grueling They burned out and walked away.

I have never led a building project as the Senior Leader. I’ve been a part of building projects and have led many building transitions, but taking the 8 million dollar plunge into the construction of a new building is a first.

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13 Reasons Why Pastors And Ministry Leaders Should Blog

For years I considered a blog but never thought it was really worth the investment. Pastors and Ministry Leaders are busy enough, do we really need another thing to do? What I didn’t realize is the power that blogging creates in helping to clarify ones thoughts, to personally grow and extend ones reach in ministry and so much more. Here is why I think it is essential that Pastors and Ministry Leaders blog.

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