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Night And Day Worship And Prayer Growing In Many Churches

A few days ago my wife, Wendi, and I had the privilege of speaking at Living Water Church, an Assemblies of God church with two growing campuses; one in Berkeley and the other in Alameda. The church is filled with young adults who love God and are passionate for His presence.

Recently, Living Water launched the Upper Room; a prayer room located several hundred feet from UC Berkeley’s campus.

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What To Do When You Are Faced With a Great Challenge

Note. This post is created as a continuation of a earlier post called, “You Never Have To Stay Discouraged; Here’s How.” Though it’s a separate post all together, you can get the full impact of this post by reading the post mentioned above.

Great challenges face us all. If you are going to do anything great for God, you will be required to step into great challenges and seemingly impossible situations with God.

What do we do when we face these challenges and what are some ways to be successful in them?

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You Never Have To Stay Discouraged; Here’s How

I have faced plenty of discouraging times in life and ministry. I have felt discouraged, defeated and at times I just wanted to throw in the towel. Most of my discouragement centered around unachieved goals and the enormity of what still needed to be done.

But I discovered  much of my discouragement was a result of how I was viewing things.

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