Date Archives February 2014

Defining The Main Difference Between a House of Prayer and a Traditional Church

When Mike Bickle launched International House of Prayer in 1999, I never would have suspected it to such a far reach globally. I also never dreamed that we would ever become a House of Prayer ourselves. In fact, I had no clue there was an International House of Prayer until around 2004. The only connection I had with Mike Bickle was through his books on prophetic ministry when our church community was (and still are) “flowing in the river”.

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Amazing First Service In Our New Building

On Sunday our Convergence House of Prayer family and friends gathered for our first official service in our new building.

The meeting was amazing. God’s presence was tangible, many people were connecting and everyone is excited.

We intentionally extended our time of worship to clearly recognize and give time to the One who has made it all possible. We reviewed our history and recognized people who have helped us along the way. Finally, we ended with a short decree that we all read together as a house.

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