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[Part Three] Defining The Main Difference Between A House Of Prayer And A Traditional Church: His Worth and Outcomes

 This is part three of a series of blog posts that define the difference between a House of Prayer and a Traditional Church.

When I say, “a traditional church” I am referring to structure not necessarily style. I understand that styles come and go, yet I believe structures live on for centuries.

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The “Enduring Revival” And My Encounter With It

Praise God for Senior Leaders who are leading revivals and massive moves of God with integrity, honesty and credibility. I am so encouraged after reading this post from Christianity Today reporting on the twenty year celebration of the Toronto (Fathers) Blessing.

I am so blessed by this post that I needed to link it here and share with you as well as my own experience in Toronto.

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[Part Two] Defining The Main Difference Between a House of Prayer and a Traditional Church

It’s always enjoyable to discuss the House of Prayer reality with good friends over a great lunch. That is exactly what happened last week. I shared our history of moving more intentionally from a ministry focused church to an intimacy focused church. There were lots of great questions as my friends were exploring this reality for their own ministry.

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