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Bible Reading Plan for a 21 Day Fast

Here is a great resource to use for cHOP’s (or anyones) 21 day fast. I will use this brief reading plan to create a daily prayer and fasting focus. This plan, from YouVersion, provides a daily Bible reading, a brief devotional, reflection questions, and a prayer focus.

Find the plan here.

Check it out.

Greg Simas

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8 thoughts on “Bible Reading Plan for a 21 Day Fast”

  1. Hello, I was unable to get the 21 days reading plan from the hypberlink. Will you be so kind to send me one via email? Many thanks in advance. Stella

  2. People who do this will read the Gospels and especially notice where Jesus talks about His compassion for others, His tiredness, the pleasure He gets from being in the company of others.

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