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Amazing First Service In Our New Building

On Sunday our Convergence House of Prayer family and friends gathered for our first official service in our new building.

The meeting was amazing. God’s presence was tangible, many people were connecting and everyone is excited.

We intentionally extended our time of worship to clearly recognize and give time to the One who has made it all possible. We reviewed our history and recognized people who have helped us along the way. Finally, we ended with a short decree that we all read together as a house.

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New Future Friday 6

Time Capsule from Convergence House of Prayer on Vimeo.

This Sunday marks the last round of our Project 35 new building tours. We are providing these onsite tours to anyone interested in seeing the construction of our new Convergence House of Prayer facility.

So many people have come to me letting me know how much they love the video. So I thought it would be fun to push it up on the blog as a New Future Friday post and give each of you more insider information and vision about our new building.

After you finish viewing the video add  a comment and let know what you think.