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New Future Friday (3)

This is the third edition of New Future Friday. I don’t know if you have ever gone through a full building program but there is great glory, great detail and tons of what I call “10 year” decisions. Nonetheless, there is joy in the journey seeing the new Convergence House of Prayer going up.

I remember Wendi and I (Hannah and Jordan) moving to the Bay Area from Eugene, Oregon in 1995 with nothing but a call of God and a small group of good friends. It’s been quite a ride.

And the lessons I’ve learned about longevity in one place cannot be measured. There are things only longevity can teach. Thank the Lord for His faithfulness through the years.

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New Future Friday (2)

This is our second edition of New Future Friday. I am trying to give you weekly updates on our new Convergence House of Prayer building.

The framing is going up fast. All the walls are taking shape and rooms are becoming much more than mere architectural drawings.

There is so much detail going into this building. Codes to follow, different levels of power, sound engineering, audio engineering, lighting, air conditioning,  age level construction, finishes and so on. It is all pretty mind-blowing.

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Taking EGS to Our New Church Building Before Construction

We took our EGS Service to our new building on Friday Night. Next week they demo the building and begin construction.

Great worship. Rapid-Fire thanksgiving and prophetic declarations spoken and written and amazing cHOP stories.

I love our multi-cultural community. I show a few of the declarations that were written in their own native language.

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