The Importance of Fulfilling Your Top Five Percent

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While recently away, I spent time talking with the Lord about priorities, namely, defining the top five percent of my life that I, and only I, can do. Much of what I’m sharing with you is a result of my recent study from Wayne Cordeiro’s book, “Leading on Empty.” I would urge you to pick […]

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Book Reviews: 5 Books Worth Reading

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Lately, the Lord has me reading A LOT of books and here are five of them I want to highlight. We’ve passed a few of these books among our Staff and have had great discussions as staff member contributes to what they are learning. Leaders are readers, and we need to be consistently growing. So if you’re […]

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Seven Promises

Seven Powerful Promises For Your Week

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Tucked away in the book of Leviticus are five amazing verses holding seven powerful promises that you can declare throughout your week. I would suggest taking one promise per day (or do all seven each day) and add it to your prayer and declaration list to keep yourself constantly aware that the Lord is for […]

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Digital Tools

My Top Five Digital Tools To Know God Better

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Here are my top five digital tools that I am using to know God better. These tools help me with content creation and content immersion. For me, growing in God is taking in information/revelation and processing that revelation so it becomes practical in my life. The combination of both is what helps me grow in […]

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