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The Importance of Fulfilling Your Top Five Percent

While recently away, I spent time talking with the Lord about priorities, namely, defining the top five percent of my life that I, and only I, can do.

Much of what I’m sharing with you is a result of my recent study from Wayne Cordeiro’s book, “Leading on Empty.” I would urge you to pick up the book. You can see my review here.

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Leading Through Difficult Challenges. Five Lessons I’m Learning

Leading through challenging times is never easy. Here are a few things I am learning through a difficult leadership stretch at Convergence House of Prayer.

Without going through the entirety of the challenge I want to leave you with what I’m learning in the midst of it. I hope you can find some of these things beneficial as you face your own.

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12 Key Steps That Helped Us Successfully Converge The Local Church With The House of Prayer

I don’t think that the local church and the House of Prayer were ever meant to be separated. God is converging both.

In looking back at the process of our own convergence, I have identified at least twelve key steps that helped us move into our present reality.

For the many Pastors and church leaders who are praying about converging their local church with the House of Prayer I hope our journey is helpful to you.

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