Reading God's Word

Why God’s Laws Are So Good For Us

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Why do so many view the laws and commands of God as narrow and confining? This is far from the truth. On the contrary, the laws and commands of God are both liberating and freeing. Now I realize we are New Testament believers and ceremonial laws are no longer needed for all who are in Christ […]

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Reading Bible

10 Ways To Confirm God’s Voice In Your Life

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This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series How to Hear Gods Voice

Hearing God’s voice is tricky so we need proper checks and balances that help us stay within the banks of what we sense God is saying. Without these checks and balances, we can make choices that have the potential to steer us in a direction other than God’s best. This not only impacts us personally but […]

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Goal Setting 2015

Tools I’m Using In 2015 For God and Goals

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Each year I determine which tools I’ll be using to pursue God more deeply and to reach the goals I sense He is speaking to me about. I believe tools are essential for spiritual growth. Here is a brief list of the digital tools I use. Now I realize that you might use strictly paper and pen as your […]

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Church of Power

20 Reasons Why It Is So Important To Speak In Tongues

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Being baptized in the Holy Spirit does not make one believer better than another. There are no inferior believers in God’s Kingdom. But what the Baptism in the Holy Spirit does do is create an advantage. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit and more specifically, speaking in tongues, gives access to greater realms of God […]

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