First 3D Renderings of Our New Building

We purchased our new church building (all cash) several months ago.

Now we are in the process of designing the interior to make the new building the new home of Convergence House of Prayer.

Below are the first rough drafts of what the the Prayer Room and the lobby will look like.

The other pictures show our team and the guys at Fuse Architecture, also, the style palette of potential ingredients for the design.

We thank the Lord for his provision and the leadership teams we have to work with on the project.

What do you think?

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    1. Emiliana, it’s starting to get much more exciting when these kinds of pictures start turning up. The building is going to look amazing!

  1. Love this! He is WORTHY of the most beautiful Tabernacle or Sanctuary that reflects His Glory, Beauty, & Majesty! Exodus 35-40 🙂 The Sistine Chapel incorporated The Tabernacle’s design dimensions. I love what they are designing & the integration of Natural materials/woods with modern clean lines/edge. (Fierce online portfolio) May the Exodus 35 Artisan anointing rest on them as they design 🙂

    1. Thanks for the kind words! We want the building to reflect His worth and facilitate moving people into His presence. The building will be amazingly unique! Love Exodus 35.;) Thanks for sharing.

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