How to Love God with All Your Soul

Luke 10:27 “He answered: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind…’”

How do you love the Lord with all your soul? This is a huge question. We need to know the answer to this because it is one of the four things Jesus said we need to do in order to love God completely.

We love the Lord with all our soul by living a life of faithfulness to all that the Lord has required of us. While loving the Lord with all our heart has to do with affection, loving the Lord with all our soul has to do with devotion.

The soul literally is the part of us that defines who we are. The essence of the  biblical definition for soul means life, personality, the inner self and our identity. It’s where we make our decisions and choices that ultimately decide our lifestyle and behavior. Think of the soul as the “core you”.

To love the Lord with all your soul means to love Him in the way we live, in the choices we make and in the behavior and lifestyle we adopt.

Here are three predominant ways to love God with all our soul.

 1. Love the Lord with all your soul by making godly choices.

Our lives are the sum of the choices we make. Plain and simple. Our choices show what we are committed to and they reflect our core values, defining us and displaying our lifestyle before the world.

We do what we value. If we treasure our relationship with the Lord our choices will simply mirror the Treasure. Choices flow from what we treasure most.

Ask yourself: How do I spend my money? What do I do with my time? What kinds of things do I read? What programs do I watch? What do I do for entertainment? Where do I go for relaxation? What things give comfort in difficult times? What kind of friends do I have?

All of these result in choices that demonstrate whether we love God with all our soul.

 2. Love the Lord with all your soul by pursuing obedience to His Word.

 John 14:15 “If you love me, you will obey what I command”

Love must be demonstrated. When we keep His commandments, when we live by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God, we are tangibly expressing our love for the Lord.

I’ve been happily married for over 26 years. In those 26 years I have made decisions based on love that I did not feel like making but I did it anyway. I am obedient to the covenant that I made over 26 years ago to love unconditionally whether I feel like it or not.

That’s why this second part of the First Commandment is vital. Sometimes we are not going to feel like loving God but we do it out of love for God, nonetheless. In the Kingdom, obedience usually comes first and feelings second.

 3. Love the Lord with all your soul by pursuing a life of humility in attitudes and speech.

Embracing humility is the stage where we can express our love to the Lord. Jesus taught us how to love from a place of meekness, serving us unto death.

 “Meekness is power and privilege under control. It speaks of restraint in the use of power except to promote love. Meekness is not to be confused with weakness which is the absence of strength.” Mike Bickle

This meekness is expressed most dynamically in our attitudes and speech. What we say and how we say it enhances or quenches our ability to love the Lord by the power of the Spirit. Wrong speech will ultimately affect our spiritual lives and work against our love for the Lord.

 Matthew 12:34 “ For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.”

 Proverbs 18:21 “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.”

When Jesus is our Great Treasure then our affections are captured. This is how we love God with all of our heart.

When our affections are captured then choices become god-centered and a lifestyle of humility and godliness is born. This is loving God with all your soul.

Two down and two to go. In the next few weeks we will look at how to love God with all our mind and strength.

Your Turn: Have you ever thought about loving God with all your soul? Is this still a weird concept? Is there anything you  would like to add to this post that would further help others love God with all their soul? What’s been your experience in this?

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37 thoughts on “How to Love God with All Your Soul

  1. solid… good teaching in my opinion… I agree & appreciate this word/time to reinforce our commitment to our God… thank you.

  2. I like it. We are described in 4 parts and 3 parts. When 4 heart may = spirit, mind = intellect, soul = emotions. That’s my view.

  3. One thing that comes to mind for me is that by loving God with all of my being means that in all things he takes first priority. Although it take time, God desires for us to be in constant relationship with him. This doesn’t only mean an occasional prayer or devotion to him, but a lifestyle where we recognize his lordship in our life, that he is always with us and that we are living for him alone.

    • Jeff, First. Welcome to My One Pursuit. Thanks for sharing. Secondly, I agree with what you have said. I always want to live with a continual connection and awareness of God. (John 15 Abiding in the Vine) choosing Him above all things! 

    • I agree that a personal relationship with Him is a must. I love to journal my prayers to God, thoughts I have and problems I’m having and asking for His wisdom, love and giving Him thanks and glory. I find that during my journal I find myself writing His answers to my is loving and beautiful to see and hear from Him.

      • Hello Mary. Love what you are doing with your journal. I would love to be able to do this one day. I use my journal mainly for recording events and thoughts. Maybe I will do it someday with my prayers. I believe writing creates a clarity around prayer that we cannot gain through speaking them. Well done!

        • I love hearing Mary and your answer, that’s the way God speaks to me. I consider myself taking dictation from the very mouth of God as the Holy Spirit guides not only my mind, but my hand as well. It is different because of the clarity and how profound every word is. Then you can look at it to give you hope and inspiration whenever you need it. It also may serve to help others in their own time of need, when they see how God speaks to you. Praise God for this gift He gives us and the clarity with which he presents it to us.

          • Hello Tom, Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. May the Lord continue to bless you as you continue to hear His voice and encounter Him.

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart, they have been a source of proper nutrition for the inner most man…or lady…tee-hee.

  5. blessed be the name of the LORD for daily He loads us with benefits, the GOD of our salvation. I stand firm in the LORD and will never fear no evil….the blessings of the LORD is always upon us and being GOD, HE is GOD and HE has called us to be his children, in truth. I thank the LORD for bringing me to such websites. everyone shall be taught of the LORD, and we shall remain faithful in tears and groans of the inside man. there is no other place I will turn ma heart except Godward. I thank everyone who hs committed their time to come to this place, may the grace of God always abound in your lives. May we all strive tooth and nail to subdue sinfulness and be pure, run the race to the end, unto the coming of the LORD to bring us into the LIGHT of GOD. thank you sons of GOD, may you all be protected and be blessed in the LORD.AMEN

    • Thank you Adam for the blessing you have place among us all in your prayer. God Bless and keep you always safe in the Fathers hand where Jesus has place you so no one may snatch you. To all Christians everywhere, be strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

  6. Thanks for sharing this, Greg. Recently the Lord has been leading me to go back to basics and take apart some of these core verses. Part of that is taking the time to identify the definition of heart, soul, mind and strength. Thank you for your Biblical and plain english definitions. You have helped me along my way in pursuing obedience. God Bless You. :)

  7. Just wanted to say thanks for this post. It’s older now, but I was researching how to love God with all my soul for a discipleship series I’m writing and it was really helpful. Thanks!

    • Dave, I’m glad the post helped you out. Pretty awesome that you are writing a discipleship series. We need them.

      Thanks for sharing and may the favor of the Lord rest on the series you are creating. ;)

  8. HI Greg

    Thank you for sharing your message with us. I stumbled across this with a series of google searches as I was studying love. I read love God with all …. and love your neighbour … and my question became: Ok! I must love God and my neighbour, but what does that look like? In the words of Foreigner, “I wanna know what love is …” Then not only what does it look like to love God, how do I do it?
    Going through this message on how to love God is really insightful and I thank you for it.

    • Hey Chris, love that song by Foreigner. :) Take a good hard look in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. There is no clearer definition of love then what is found there. This is the launching pad.

      I love your quest as you are searching things out. The Lord is going to reward you with great revelation and understanding that can be applied practically. I encourage you to keep going! Thanks for sharing. ;)

  9. Greg,

    Thank you so much for these posts. They have enlightened me and helped me understand more about loving God the way He deserves.

    Also, I hope you don’t mind, but I am using these same concepts and teaching them to my youth group! Last week I used heart, and they really responded!

    God Bless you and this blog!

    • Hello Nate. Awesome how God is using this series of Posts to encourage and bless you and your youth group! Hey, I don’t mind at all if you use the concept and teachings with your youth group. It would be great if you could report back to me and to let me know how things go.

  10. Thanks Greg! I’ll be happy to. Like I said, they really responded to the heart! Our church “motto” I guess you could call it, is “Loving God in Front of People, Loving people in front of God.” We’ve seen such a huge growth lately in teenagers, I wanted to teach on what that means. I really got a lot out of this post and thought our teens would too! Thanks again!

    • Hello Nate. I like the motto of the church. Good stuff.

      Blessings and favor as you move through the teaching and may there be great increase!

  11. Well I agree with the rest of the answers of the commentators and I think that the Word of God should be explain line upon line and precept upon precept.

  12. Thank you so much for this!! Today in church we were talking about this and i was really confused. I kind of understood that it meant getting rid of any boundaries ive created that comes between me and God, but i didnt want to admit it since there were things that I didnt want to give up. This post really helped break the subject down for me and helped me realize that ive definitely been putting God second in my life. Thanks again! Im only 14 but ive been trying to find a way to have an intimare relationship with God.

    • Hello Kayla. I love your pursuit of the Lord and that you jumped onto a blog post and shared your journey here in the comment area. I really appreciate that you shared! God has great plans for you as you continue to pursing Him, keeping the Lord #1 in your life.

  13. I am literally a christian who isnt born again but embarking on a fast and by virtue if my research i ended up on this page and these teachings have been so inspirational and life transforming… I experienced Godly sorrow as i listened to whitney Houston alongside reading this… I have been blessed… I thank the Lord for that

    • Thanks, Robert. I really don’t fully understanding what you might be trying to say in your comment but I really appreciate the kind words! I’m thankful that you are being blessed by the teachings!