Tools I’m Using In 2015 For God and Goals

Each year I determine which tools I’ll be using to pursue God more deeply and to reach the goals I sense He is speaking to me about.

I believe tools are essential for spiritual growth. Here is a brief list of the digital tools I use. Now I realize that you might use strictly paper and pen as your main tools for spiritual growth and in some ways I do too. But for daily Bible reading, journaling and goal setting I am exclusively digital.

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A Simple Tool To Help You Stay Focused And On Track Through Extended Times Of Fasting And Prayer

Convergence House of Prayer begins each new year with a season of fasting and prayer. This year is no different. We are at the beginning of our 21 days of fasting and prayer.

In this post I am providing you a tool that is helping me to get the full benefit of my twenty-one days of fasting and prayer.

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Amazing Story! Connecting Revival, The Prayer Room And The Baptism In The Holy Spirit

We have just finished a teaching series at Convergence House of Prayer  though the first nine chapters of the Book of Acts and now in the middle of a series on “The Power of Speaking In Tongues.”

I’ve never really done an extended study on the speaking in tongues but I’ve found it to be both refreshing and revelatory for my own personal life and growth.

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