Church of Power

20 Reasons Why It Is So Important To Speak In Tongues

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Being baptized in the Holy Spirit does not make one believer better than another. There are no inferior believers in God’s Kingdom. But what the Baptism in the Holy Spirit does do is create an advantage. The Baptism in the Holy Spirit and more specifically, speaking in tongues, gives access to greater realms of God […]

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Church of Power

The Great Need For The Baptism In The Holy Spirit

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Jesus goes to the cross on a Friday, is resurrected on a Sunday and then spends forty days on the earth with convincing proofs that He is alive. He speaks to His disciples about the Kingdom of God. Before He ascends into heaven, Jesus needs to determine just how His Kingdom work will continue to advance […]

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Convergence House of Prayer

[Part Two] Defining The Main Difference Between a House of Prayer and a Traditional Church

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It’s always enjoyable to discuss the House of Prayer reality with good friends over a great lunch. That is exactly what happened last week. I shared our history of moving more intentionally from a ministry focused church to an intimacy focused church. There were lots of great questions as my friends were exploring this reality […]

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How to Love God with All Your Heart

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This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series How to Love God

We don’t want to live passive lives but long for it to be filled with fascination. We want our hearts to be consumed, to be apprehended. God knows this. He has put this desire in every person. Think about the many things people sink their time and energy into, from hobbies and interests to relationships.

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