Want To Make A Small Donation?


Thanks for stopping by.

I created this page in response to a letter I received in the mail from an anonymous person in New York who, out of appreciation, hand wrote a short note with an enclosed check. Honestly, it came as a huge surprise.

Here is what the note said;

Dear Pastor Simas. Thank you for your many blog posts that have blessed me and many others. May God continue to use you to reach out to those who need a helpful Word from the Lord. Your words of insight and instructions help us live godly lives in an ungodly time. Thank you.

This is a tangible expression of gratitude.

I just stared at this note and the paper check for a few minutes thanking God for the difference I am making in people’s lives through my writing.


If this blog is blessing and adding value to you and you would like to make a donation I would sure appreciate it. Your donation helps me cover my blogging costs and blesses me and my family in a tangible way.

More importantly, your donation helps me to continue helping others in the work I sense the Lord calling me to do.

Thank you!