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10 Ways To Confirm God’s Voice In Your Life

Hearing God’s voice is tricky so we need proper checks and balances that help us stay within the banks of what we sense God is saying. Without these checks and balances, we can make choices that have the potential to steer us in a direction other than God’s best. This not only impacts us personally but can also have great impact on those whom we love and lead.

There have been many well-intentioned believers who have felt sincere about what they believe God is saying, only to step out and meet misfortune for the actions they believe God told them to take.

Thankfully, He makes all things work together for good for those who love him (Romans 8:28). Yes, the Lord is big enough to get us where we need to be in spite of our sincere efforts to follow His leading — it just takes longer to get there.

About The List

Below, I’ve listed ten ways to help people discern God’s voice. This list is not exhaustive but rather a representation of the more common ways we can confirm God’s voice.

A couple of quick things about the list:

  1. It’s important to note, that not all of these points need to be active at one time to confirm God’s voice. One or any combination of points listed can be used together.
  2. I tried to keep each point as brief as possible. Just know that each point can be expanded at length.
  3. Confirming God voice requires our constant attention to our relationship with the person of the Holy Spirit.

Ten Ways To Confirm God’s Voice

1. Does it agree with the Bible? (2 Timothy 3:16)

God will not contradict His Word. If what you are hearing is not in line with the moral principles found in His Word, you will need to either gain more clarity about what you think God is saying or disregard the word altogether.

2. Will it make me more like Christ? (Romans 8:29)

Whatever we sense God telling us to do is always pointed to make us more like Jesus? The goal of the Christian life is the image of Christ and nothing God says will move you away from growing in the likeness of His Son.

3. Does my spouse and family confirm it? (Proverbs 11:14)

If you are married to another believer, if you have children who have a level of spiritual understanding and if what you are hearing from the Lord is important enough to bring them into the picture, then without question bring them in. Ask them what they think about what you believe God is saying.

I realize that there are many variables but I am putting this out here as general rule of thumb. I have and continue to bring my wife in on almost all things I sense the Lord saying and if wisdom calls for it, I bring my children in also.

4. Do spiritually mature people I surround myself with confirm it? (Ephesians 3:10)

In addition to your spouse and children, pursue spiritual counsel from mature believers. These are spiritual mentors and coaches, pastors, small group leaders and/or a group of people you respect and value. Listen to what they have to say and take what they say to prayer.

5. Is it consistent with how God has made me? (1 Peter 4:10)

God has made you with unique gifts, passions, anointings, abilities and talents. He often leads us in ways consistent with how He has wired us. For some, His voice awakens things that have laid dormant. At times, God brings a special impartation to fulfill His call. But in most cases I’ve seen His voice line up with how he has uniquely made us.

6. Does it line up with prophetic words given over me? (1 Timothy 4:14)

If you have prophetic words that you believe God has spoken over you and you’ve kept these words in front of you, then use them to help confirm what He you sense He is saying.

The prophetic Word is a confirmation of what YOU are hearing. It’s better to get a word for yourself then let the prophetic confirm the word. Yet, I have experienced prophet encounters that have acted as both the voice of the Lord AND a confirming word all at the same time.

7. Does it move me? (Romans 12:11)

Does what you sense God saying excite you, move you, awaken and inspire the inner man? In many ways is His voice comes with a “knowing” that quickens an inner spiritual reality that inspires and moves you.

8. Will it stretch me? (Philippians 3:13-14)

When God speaks, expect His word to take you out of your comfort zone. God loves to take us into new territory and places we have not yet traveled to stretch us into the fulness of our own potential. God did this with Moses, Gideon, Joseph, the disciples, the Apostle Paul and so many others. Being stretched requires greater depths of dependence on the Lord.

9. Will it require faith? (Romans 10:17)

Faith trusts. God never apologizes for speaking impossibilities to us, it’s what He specializes in most. Regardless of the task or sense of direction the Lord’s voice is leading us in to, I can assure you that faith will be required to do it. Is what you believe He is saying to you requiring a level of faith from you?

Whether it’s starting a ministry, asking someone to forgive you, laying hands on the sick or something else, I would say each of these require faith from you. Faith believes, hopes and relies upon the God of heaven to help us fulfill what He is asking us to do.

10. Do I have peace about it? (Philippians 4:7)

I believe God’s voice and direction will lead us to peace and assurance. If you sense God is speaking to you about something and it’s leaving you pressured, overwhelmed and confused I would urge you to continue to seek the Lord on the matter. On the other hand, their might be something God is speaking to you about and you will find no peace until you finally do it!

Regardless of what end of the spectrum we find ourselves on, I believe God gives a sense of peace that goes beyond our understanding. It’s a supernatural “knowing” that God alone deposits into the believer that confirms His voice. It might not make sense but you strongly sense His presence around it.

Confidence in Hearing God’s Voice

I hope these are helpful to you. Confidently knowing what God is saying brings an assurance anchored in heaven and expressed on earth. You are born to live with this confidence.

Question: Recently, what do you believe God is saying to you? What has God done to confirm to you what He is saying? Share your comment below.

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Greg Simas
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    • Thanks, Todd. In close to 30 yrs of full time ministry this is an often discussed area, especially when we have strong prophetic communities. Blessings!

  • I had a two week break from work this past December. Came across some YouTube videos and reading materials on evangelism by Ray Comfort. My heart was burnt with hope and passion as I immersed myself in these resources. For the first time in my life I felt I wanted to and could do this although I’d always felt intimidated and fearful about sharing our faith. Shortly after that I attended a conference. When I got home that weekend I decided to pick up a book off the shelf by Stacy Campbell (one of the speakers at the conference). I’d read this book several years ago but hadn’t finished. The book mark was still there. When I looked at the chapter title it jolted me. It said Prophetic Cultural Evangelism. My heart again burnt within me as I read these last two chapters. This confirmed to me that this was the track The Lord was taking me. I intend to enroll into the online evangelism course by Ray Comfort. Although the feeling of trepidation of sharing my faith will not go away, The Lord had given me a different set, a tool to get equipped and helped me get over my fears.

    • Great testimony, Chiew. This is significant illustration that characterizes someone who is leaning in to hear God’s voice. Not only is God speaking to you but you are actually paying attention and recognizing His voice! I pray that you are equipped, and used mightily in, the evangelistic work God is preparing you for!

      • Thanks for the encouragement, Pastor Greg. It meant a lot to get a feedback that I am hearing God correctly. (Also, there’s a typo on the second last line. It should say-The Lord had given me a different mind set).

        Last but not least, I wanted you to know how very glad I am to come across your blog several months ago. So far all the articles you had written had been exactly what I need in this season of my life. May God continue to use you in a deep and meaningful way that brings fulfillment to your life.

  • I have walked in the business world or teaching for many years.
    After an illness of great pain, learning to truly lean and trust the Lord; dealing with many fears
    I have a whole new direction in which I believe God is leading me.
    I believe the Lord is leading me into the creative world. I belong to a quilting guild and am able
    to witness too many women as I share my faith and testimony with them.
    I also preach/teach in a care center here for our church.
    Greg, I sense God leading me more into the art world where I never, ever thought I would be.
    I am so excited to have a whole new world of God’s beauty and creativity opened up to me. He says to live life abundantly and some interesting doors are opening up.
    I have always served in the church, but this is new and will take deeper faith or more trust in the Lord.
    I find great peace when Holy Spirit and I design and sew together.
    I am also on the board of our guild and will be helping teach quilting to the 5th graders in our schools.

    • Hi Sandra. This is great news! So glad to see where the Lord is taking you and how He is planning to use you. He is stretching you and this is good. No doubt that this partnership with the Holy Spirit will be fun and enjoyable.

    • I have a young lady (18) at my church wanting to go on mission in Turkey this summer. She went there this year and wanted to go back for a year mission. She ask her dad ( the head pastor of our church) if its ok for her to go. But his dad said not yet because of this pandemic. By the way she went on Jan. and got the Covid -19 virus coming back from mission.Got sick for 3 months. Now she wanted to go back again . I think this is of the reason our pastor won’t let her go at this time. I am also her youth leader but still praying for her . She said she received from the Lord confirmation that she is sending her this summer. But after reading your blog I read that we should seek counsel like pastors…So I believe that if her parents won’t allow her ,it’s not time yet. Her parents will be her first supporter financially since going on a mission, you go on your own expenses.

      • Hi Grace. I believe you have and accurate perspective on this. I would recommend the young lady to stay submitted to authority and trust God with the “yes” from her parents and pastors. It’s hard to live in that tension. As long as mom and dad (ie pastors) are praying and truely looking after her highest good, I believe it would be best to wait. Of course, I’m not apprised of all that is going on, but from what you presented, it appears that that would be the right choice.

  • God is speaking to me through His word, but I have realized one thing that at some point I found it boring to read the Word of God, but realize that I find it joyful now again to read the Word of God. God is also speaking to me a lot through dreams, only saw 2 visions so far which was a beautiful wedding gown & a house and car, heard a voice once, where I was told that I was too busy with other things and have neglected the Lord. I admit the problem lies with me, where its hard for me to trust the Lord fully in my life. other than that God is really faithful to me.

  • God bless you for this Greg, recently God has been confirming His word to me and honestly it has been overwhelming. I understood every single point and now know God is setting me up for my breakthrough very very soon!

    • Hi Angela. I’m glad that what’s happening is a “good” overwhelming. Praying that the Lord will continue to bring you into greater and greater realms of breakthrough!

  • Found this article and want to say thank you and God bless. Have had everything coming to a point and action words reminding me daily. Also noticed old off track habits trying to offset me. Awhile ago you could say i got knocked down, then over years was off and on with being a good christian. Lately i have faced some new obstacles and this article has ponted me to my next step. Its time to Let the Lord work through me. I do have a question if you get a moment. Is it possible i could email you it or you email me? Thanks.

    • Hi Derrick. Life happens like this sometimes. I’m glad the post helped you! It’s always great to know the next step. I’ll send an email address.

  • Beautifully written article and I believe that I’ve met all 10 points which gives me confidence in making a change. The one area that tends to bring fear is financially where I’ll be leaving a job with good benefits and a good salary to pursue something that God has placed in my heart. Faith and trust is a big part of this! God Bless!!

    • Thanks, Roger. Twenty years ago I was faced with a similar situation when we started the church we now Pastor. I know what’s like to take the “leap of faith”. Trust the Lord and trust the process. As I’m sure you are aware, there is no greater place to be than being in the center of God’s will in every season of our lives. He is good and he will take care of you and your family! I’m pleased to hear that you are going for it!

      • This is exactly where I am in my search for God’s will for my life. I seem to be getting signs of God leading me in one direction but it will require leaving a good job with good health benefits. I am 7 years from retirement. I want to be sure it is God’s voice I am hearing because the consequences are too important to get wrong. Where does common sense end and faith begin?

        • Hi Antoinette. I remember when God called my wife and I to leave a big church with all it’s security to go plant a church in a high cost of living bracket. Being in my middle thirties and having to little children, the move did not make sense. Some things I’ve learned though through it: 1.) When God is leading you in a new direction, it consumes you. Hard to stop thinking about it and you feel the pull to move forward. 2.) I sought counsel from people who had wisdom 3.) I asked God to speak to me personally in such a way that I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt it was him. I needed a “stake in the ground” that when things got hard, I knew my decision was His too. 4.) I sought confirmation by asking Him to give me a prophetic word through one or others. 5.) I made sure God’s will and timing lined up. Faith is not always reasonable but God see’s the bigger picture of your future and resources therein. Hope this helps.

          • Thank you for your response, Greg. The thoughts are definitely persistent. I’ve asked God for signs as confirmation and have gotten them. However fear and lack peace keep me from moving forward. This is where I’m confused. If it is indeed God’s will, shouldn’t I have peace about it? Is it the evil one robbing me of peace or is it God telling me the timing is not yet right?

  • Hello Greg. 2 yrs ago my job relocated me across country. Before I committed to going I prayed and heard God leading me to go. It ended up being great for me, God worked everything out for me and I ended up finding a great church that God led me to. About 3 weeks ago i was notified the job was shutting down the office I was at and would be relocating me once more tho I was not told where because it was not know yet. Again I prayed and fasted and sought the Lord. Since I attended a great church (tho I was not a member) I simply inquired if I was even to stay employed by my employer. I heard God specifically say He would send me back to my home state and thru my current job. It was leaked that we might not be staying in the state we were in (Portland Oregon) and 2 of the church leaders plus a church member came to me to say God told them I was to stay there in Portland. Long story short that would mean I would not be employed and I am the only provider for a family of three , never the less they were sure they heard from God. Then my bosses told me I’d would be relocating back home to Philadelphia. Greg, I know God is not the author of confusion but I did not know what to do, I heard from God a word that was confirmed but on the there hand the leaders of the church I attend all heard a different word. So at the last minute I called my Pastor and 1 other friend in Christ from Philadelphia (I was still a member of the philly church) both told me based on what I told them (I tried to lay things out as they were not what I wanted) and they both said seek God but it seemed as if God was leading me back to Philadelphia. Ultimately It would of took a tremendous amount of trust to stay in Portland with no job and a family and home to support. But on The other hand I heard a confirmed word from the Lord and I never suffered loss from trusting what I heard from Him before. I chose to trust that voice I heard and the advice from my philly Pastor and friend.and there I have been mini miracles as far as the smoothness of this transition back to Philadelphia! I feel at peace with it but I wonder still.. it just is one of those things I suppose. But I thought I’d write this all out because your list is very good but for me I felt 5 of the items on the listfor portland and 5 for Philadelphia and in the end I ended up trusting the voice spoken to me and not thru others. Thanks for your good advice

    • Jason, let me take a line from the movie, Raiders of the Lost Ark, “you chose wisely!” As I was reading your story, I felt that the trip back east was the right decision. When it comes right down to it YOU have to hear from the Lord and let His peace rule your heart. But I also believe that if we make a wrong decision the Lord can always re-route us back. I’m glad the post helped bring some clarity, and I find it interesting (and a bit humorous) that God used all ten ways to hear His voice in such a short time frame! Blessings!

  • The Lord has told me to forgive and return to my husband that sent our family on a emotional roller coaster because of infertility, drug use, and infidelity. I am very uncomfortable with but I know the voice of God ! It is causing major wrestling of my flesh and spirit. I guess that’s that ” no peace until you do it ” thing ?
    I trust God! I just want to know that I know things are going to be ok!!!!

    • Thanks, Vanessa. What you are doing is a difficult thing, and you would really need to hear the voice of the Lord on this. I hope your husband (if he hasnt’ already) pursues the help he needs from the Lord and others in turning his life around. If so, then you being there for strength and support will be crucial. Thanks for sharing, Vanessa.

  • My son had a bad breakup 6 months ago they were not married and she left him for somebody else and he has struggled with this. He is gone for counseling with a pastor so that he can be the right man for the right woman about a month ago he felt God told him she was going to come back and comparing trust him he’s faithful get ready she’s going to come back and she end up getting married to this other man. Was that the voice of God speaking to him he still feels that’s what God is showing him and when God speaks to him he feels peace but the next day a lot of confusion comes in and out I don’t really know how to speak to him on the subject because I don’t want to give him ungodly advice can you give me any answers to this thank you

    • Obviously, what he might of thought that he heard from the Lord was not what was realized. Why don’t you start by just asking him questions and draw what he is thinking our of him leading him to a destination that can bring closure. I do this often. Space doesn’t permit me to help in terms of what questions to ask, a lot of that is Spirit led. The situation is not unusual though.

  • Just a few minutes ago, I found a gift from my sister. I thought I heard God’s voice speaking to my Spirit to throw it away. I believe it may be that he wants me to sacrifice something, just like in Abraham’s story. Now I’m contemplating whether that is the Devil trying to lead me astray on what God’s voice actually is, or God speaking to my Spirit. Please help! Thank you.

  • God has spoken to me saying stop having doubt and believe in him
    Trust in the Lord with all my heart. He also told me if I don’t believe why ask him for something. Everything God reveal to me it comes thru Bible or when I search on Google. One day God spirit spoken to me telling me that he wants me to tell a friend that he has spoken to me and when I pulled up on Google it says… TELL A FRIEND HOW THE HOLY SPIRIT HAS SPOKEN TO ME.. I got excited because I felt n heard God voice telling me this. I really wants to know why God is revealing these Great things. I’m happy

  • I look at God’s leading in my life as what has been placed on my heart that helps others and serves God’s work? Rushing to something is often a mistake. The heart can mislead so I take it one step at a time. Doors open, people arrive in my life, and the means for doing the work comes.

  • I began going to church and saw this guy who’s passion and fire for God goes unnoticed. It made me become more drawn to just getting to know Him more and it was a pure feeling. No lust, nothing. I prayed to God as time went on because I realized that he is what I would desire in a husband. As time went on, I began getting extremely close with his family. His sisters and I speak everyday and his mom is always inviting me over and we always talk about God. His sisters even said that being around me makes them want to learn more about God because I always talk about bible study and stuff. His mom has been like a mother to me and she recently connected with my mom through Facebook. My sister and his sister have also connected. I pray for this guy so much and I’m overwhelmed with excitement but there’s no obsession over the thought. I’m happy and I’m trusting God for what’s next. This guy has also asked me to sing with him at church and has also invited me to do bible studies with him to help those who want to learn more about God. I am very content and for the first time in my life, I’m so content that even though I desire him as a husband, I am so wrapped up in living my life for God that even if I don’t end up marrying him, I am okay. I never thought I would ever say something like this but God has just been so good to me and I’m excited to see what the future holds.

    • Hi Roma. A great testimony. Glad to see that you guys serving the Lord together and are keeping the right priorities in place. If the relationship were to advance in some way, continue keep the Lord first, apply wisdom and godly boundaries. Glad you are excited, sensing His peace and joy. 🙂

  • I have been struggling with a decision about a move back to a town that holds a lot of bad past for me but is where a job opportunity has been presented. I would not say that I have peace about it.. but doing nothing does not give me peace either. Today my heart has just seemed so open and I have spent a lot more time in recent months praying, reading and seeking wisdom over this decision. Today, in just trying to listen, a word came to mind. I looked it up and read scriptures/chapters pertaining to it. Nazareth- just a single place although important one. Has anyone had this happen and did it end up holding special meaning?

  • Thanks Greg,

    I’m in a place where I needed to hear the message. Amazing how God can lead you if you just trust Him. He woke me up to bring me here. To Him be the glory!

  • Great article. I am called to go back to school, and have two options. I selected the better option based on my perceived needs but after accepting it I’ve been hit with anxiety, fear and unrest. The other option is not as appealing and I’m wondering what to do. My gut tells me one things but the wise people I talk to tell me I made the right choice. I feel I’ve been double
    Mindset over this and I get overwhelmed sometimes.

    • Amelia, this can be a tough one. I believe in almost all cases that the peace of God rules the day. Though there might be a bit of anxiousness, there still can be a deep-settled peace in our spirits that it’s the right decision? If the peace of God is there, then you probably made the right decision; if not, then there might be reasons to avoid the decision. Blessings!


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