12 Key Steps That Helped Us Successfully Converge The Local Church With The House of Prayer

I don’t think that the local church and the House of Prayer were ever meant to be separated. God is converging both.

In looking back at the process of our own convergence, I have identified at least twelve key steps that helped us move into our present reality.

For the many Pastors and church leaders who are praying about converging their local church with the House of Prayer I hope our journey is helpful to you.

  1. We traveled to IHOP-KC and “caught” the Prayer Room. Here is where God seriously encountered me with the House of Prayer reality. From that time on, we went often, usually with different key leaders from our church, exposing them to the Prayer Room and the House of Prayer vision.
  2. God surprised us often by orchestrating key supernatural meetings with leadership at IHOP-KC and others. One such meeting was a 1.5 hour meeting with Mike Bickle and Misty Edwards.
  3. God gave our staff and board an undeniable prophetic encounter (all at same time) confirming our movement towards a House of Prayer reality.
  4. We started strategically planning our convergence based on revelation the Lord was giving to us around our own unique DNA and location.
  5. We studied and taught the House of Prayer Reality from scripture to our leadership and community.
  6. We retained previous core values that were fully alive in us and added what God was now releasing. In other words, our core identity as a church never changed.
  7. We brought iHOP-KC staff to our church to train our worship leaders, intercessors and key leaders in Harp and Bowl model.
  8. We established prayer meetings during the week. We started with one or two sets focusing on building full teams so people can experience the power of both Intercession and Worship with the Word sets.
  9. We created opportunities for greater exposure and engagement to the House of Prayer reality. Staff were now found in the in the Prayer Room  spending time with the Lord,  leading worship teams, playing on teams or  in someway visibly participating in the sets. This brought the next layer of leadership in.
  10. We reached out to other House of Prayer leaders asking for further wisdom and counsel. We also brought in key strategic thinkers from iHOP-KC who helped us strategically build a solid House of Prayer foundation.
  11. We pastored our people. We answered their questions and helped them through their anxiety and insecurity. People will naturally feel these with just about any change. I believe the Lord helped us do this well.
  12. As the House of Prayer reality took root in people’s hearts through teaching, pastoring and people’s own encounter with the Lord in the Prayer Room, it was just a matter of time to finally change our name of our church from Harvest House to Convergence House of Prayer. This change occurred on January 1, 2011.

This list is not exhaustive but they are significant stepping-stones to us making the convergence.

I believe that there are things here that can be beneficial to anyone who is desiring to make a transition to converge the local church with a House of Prayer or for those who are starting a House of Prayer from the ground up.

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