Personal Coaching For Those In Ministry And Why You Should Consider It

I am currently involved in a Ministry Coaching International (MCI) and I highly recommend it to any who want to go higher and further in their ministry and leadership growth. MCI is the ministry branch of the highly regarded Building Champions organization. MCI carries the same philosophy as Building Champions but is specifically focused and priced for those in ministry.

Impacting Culture: The Bride, The Warrior And The Statesmen

Intriguing teaching here from Lance Wallnau. Focus and alignment need to somehow fall into place within the steams and movements in the church in order to create a focused critical mass to impact culture. I have always wondered how small groups within our culture with razor-focus can create such drastic change in the moral fabric of our nation.

When Giants Stand On Your Promise And What It Takes to Get That Promise Back


Twelve spies, sent out by Moses, now stand on the soil of an eight hundred year covenant promise made by God to their father Abraham . A covenant promise declaring a nation and land from Abraham’s own offspring (Genesis 13:14-18). These spies are in Hebron, the very place where God encountered Abraham with His promise.

As these spies look at Hebron they literally are on the verge of making history. The long-awaited fulfillment of the covenant made so long ago is now at hand.

But there is a problem in Hebron. The city where the covenant promise is made and the place where the Patriarchs (Abraham, Sara, Isaac, Jacob, Rebekah and Leah) are buried, is now populated with warring giants from the descendants of Anak.

The Danger of Entitlement and How Its Message Is Impacting Your Personal Life, Church Life and Walk with God


We are bombarded by business, advertising and government with the “entitlement” message. This message is engrained in our culture and absorbed into virtually every fabric of society. Though you might not know what entitlement is, it is safe to say that its message is eating away at your personal life, church life and your relationship with the Lord.

I’m not interested in discussing broad business and governmental entitlements. I am focusing on what I see as a growing entitlement attitude that is pervasive throughout much of the church. This is my humble opinion for whatever it’s worth. And I want to let you all know that I write as one who is hugely impacted by the entitlement message but trying to loosen its grip on my life.