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5 Steps Into Supernatural Power Through Simple Devotion

Jesus is the perfect model of a One Pursuit life. The depth of relationship with His Father in heaven and the glory of His power on earth is unmatched. His life demonstrates the capacity of living in relationship and rulership. He is the supreme model of how to be anointed with power through an unyielding devotion to God.

I don’t know about you but invading the impossible out of unyielding devotion to the Lord is definitely a daily event I would like to see in my own life. I know what it’s like to see people instantly healed and set free. There is nothing more satisfying than partnering with Jesus to see darkness defeated and His glory fill the earth.

But arriving at this place in my life hasn’t been easy. I have had to unlearn and relearn much. But I hold to the conviction that a person living out a One Pursuit life will be used by the Lord supernaturally.

So where do we begin? How do we start moving in the supernatural?

1. Value Jesus Supremely. Before we can do signs and wonders Jesus needs to be the sign and wonder. What I mean is that He not only needs to be our focus but our very breath. He is to be our Great Treasure and our exceedingly great reward. Jesus is never the means to an end, He is the end.

2. Be convinced that Jesus is the perfect model of the normal Christian life. Jesus had no supernatural characteristics in and of himself. Though He was God, He emptied himself and chose to live as a man fully dependent on God (Phil.2:6-8). This is crucial.

Acts 2:22  β€œMen of Israel, listen to this: Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by God to you by miracles, wonders and signs, which God did among you through him, as you yourselves know.”

If we see Jesus doing the miracles as God then we are left to believe that the greater works he promised can not be attained. But if we see Jesus as a man fully surrendered and dependent on the Father then he becomes the model for all humanity.

John 5:19 “Jesus gave them this answer: β€œI tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does.”

3. Believe that signs, wonders and miracles are for today. It is flat-out astonishing that people hold to the Cessanist view of signs and wonders ceasing when the scripture was canonized around 350 AD. Nothing can be further from the truth. It is staggering to see so much documented proof of people being supernaturally healed. It’s unprecedented. God is pouring out His Spirit all over the earth. I think much of the Cessanist theology is given life based on people’s lack of experience and desire to avoid responsibility.

If Jesus lived the normal Christian life then I have a responsibility to pursue His lifestyle. We can never bring the scriptures down to our level of experience. The Word never changes and His heart will always be moved to heal us in every dimension.

4. Believe that everyone, including you, can move in power. That’s right, everyone can be doing this. This is not for a select few but available to all. Our responsibility is to attach faith to His promises.

5. Step Out. The disciples were not trained rabbis or teachers of the law. These men were ordinary, just like you and me.

Acts 4:13 “When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus”

Spending time and developing a deep life in God provides the impetus to step out and successfully do the works. Yet, until we step out and do it, we will be locked up in right theology that never sees results. This is the hardest step for me.

A football player does not want to study the film and look at a chalkboard with a bunch of X’s and O’s all day long. Though it’s necessary, it’s in the game where we win and lose. We need to get on the field and get in the game! Step out.

Out of our fascination with Jesus, God is raising up a company of people who will display His power. Everyone of us are at different levels with the Lord yet His will never changes. You and I are born to live supernaturally.

YOUR TURN: What has been your experience in the supernatural? Do you agree that all believers can move in power? Out of five things mentioned above, which one are you most successful in and which one the least?

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Greg Simas
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  • Great post!

    Jesus is our all and the Word should be our daily food. We need to submerge ourselves in Him and know what He wants for our lives and we can only do this by reading what He wrote and trust the Holy Spirit to guide us in discerning and understanding the message within the pages of the Bible.

    I have many times stepped out in faith and prayed for healing over people only to be left very disappointed on the physical healing but very rewarded on watching a spiritual healing take place. I know God heals today, I too have witnessed it but I think He really wants a spiritual healing, people coming into relationship with Him because I believe the rapture of His church is in the near future and I believe He doesn’t want any left behind.

    I really enjoyed this post, and it ties in with the post I put up yesterday, Oxygen; Jesus Christ.

    Blessings brother,

    • I believe that a day is soon upon us that we will see an equal measure of both. We are receiving such breakthrough in physical healing. Personally, I have to be able to manage the disappointments when I don’t see people healed. I know His Word, so I continue to press in πŸ™‚ God desires to heal us spirit, soul and body. A greater breakthrough is coming!

  • I have often felt God’s gifting in the ministry of reconciliation… feels to me often as exhilarating as seeing someone’s leg grow out (in some ways perhaps more so)… one of many examples…

    Teenage son is brought into inpatient psych unit by PD, in hand cuffs… after initial & seperate orientation for the adolescent & parents…son is allowed to “say goodbye” to his parents before they leave… before he can be stopped he grabs his mother by the back of her hair jerking her head back, spits in her face & says with demonic hostility: “I never want to see you again”…

    Three weeks later after several family therapies sessions, while in the first session that son has behaved in a way to be allowed to stay in session: son begins to sob bitterly, says to his parents: “I’m so sorry… ” & other amazing comments…. Holy Spirit feels thick in the room… parents & son embrace sobbing together….

    Three weeks later, then several months, then up to a year later…. same son becomes leader in recovery youth group, sponsoring other youth… goes to work for his father’s construction company… several years later is running the company… still keeps in touch with me with regular expressions of thanks…

    That’s so God… & it’s such an honor to be a part of something like that…. I love being His instrument in such potential work of His power…when it’s only His power that would ever have any hope for such..

    • These life changing stories are so amazing. God’s power is displayed in so many different ways. As a Pastor, I get fired up when lives change via what happened with the teenage kid or when cancer is instantly healed. Either way, lives are changed πŸ™‚ I am contending for both realities to continue to increase. It’s ALL part of our inheritance.

  • So good! Sometimes stepping out can be hard because sometimes we don’t immedialty see the result we were praying for. I realize that the only responsiblity we hold is to do what the Father tells us to do. Obedience is the key. But it’s still not easy for me…
    Cindy A.

    • After reading your comment my mind jumped to when Jesus healed the man at the pool of Bethesda. There were many people needing healing but Jesus only healed this guy. I don’t know why he was the only one..??? But Jesus lived from a place of intimacy and obedience. We need to do the same. It’s not easy to step out but if we keep doing it, it eventually gets easier πŸ˜‰

  • i agree that it can be hard sometimes to step out. i find, though, every time i do step out i find Him there waiting for me. even if i don’t see the immediate fruit of healing or power break out, i find His pleasure on my heart for practicing obedience and trying to agree with His heart. i especially do love the times when the power does break out.

    • I am finding out obedience is the key to the release of His power. Regardless of the results I want to keep stepping out. I believe I will continue to see increase.

  • I totally agree that the simplest devotion unto Jesus is the greatest and only key in the heavenlies. Without Jesus, it is sheer witchcraft. Jesus is THE DOOR, he lives in us which means that we are now also THE DOORS/THE GATES into heaven. I have experienced many supernatural events via dreams and visions and many have materialised. Most of them I cannot share. They sustain me greatly in my journey with The Lord.

    • Thanks for sharing Brigitte! Yeah, I would agree that we bring the reality of heaven to earth and the supernatural just needs to be natural. Love hearing about your encounters with the Lord and He releasing His rule and reign. Keep going!!

  • Thank u Greg for this website. I am hungry and thirsty for more. I am tired of ordinary when I know that my God can do extraordinary exploits thru me.

  • Fantastic writeup,I desire to walk in the supernatural power of God.I am tired of living a powerless life.

  • Hi Greg, I just been introduced to you your website, I cannot imagine what I’m reading here, personal I have seen God doing amazing things, further more thanks for your, time revealing how the church of God should look like, I wish one day you’ll pay visit


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