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5 Things To Do Daily to Keep Your Spiritual Edge Sharp

There are 5 things I do daily to consistently stay sharp in my walk with the Lord.

The most important part of building an enjoyable walk with God is establishing margin into our day to be with Him. I call this Sharpening the Saw.

“One day, a man walking through the forest came upon a logger (lumberjack) who was sawing away at a large tree and not getting very far at all. The man approached the logger as he stopped for a moment to rest and observed that the logger would get further if he sharpened his saw. The logger replied that he just didn’t have the time to sharpen the saw because he was busy cutting down the tree, and went back to his work.”

If we don’t make room to sharpen our spiritual lives we become dull. We work relentlessly and only to achieve less and less. Doesn’t make much sense, does it? We must take decisive action and war against what one writer called The Tyranny of the Urgent, where the greatest danger is letting the urgent things crowd out the important.

Keeping the “spiritual blade” sharp is what Jesus did consistently. Right in the middle of two of the greatest miracles He performed, the feeding of the 5,000 and walking on water is an obscure verse which gives us an answer to His amazing life.

Mark 6:46 “After leaving them, he went up on a mountainside to pray.”

The two miracles are the direct result of this one verse. We tend to focus more on the miracles themselves rather then the verse that provided the substance for them. Jesus not only lived from a place of communion but went away to commune. He was deliberate and intentional, leaving behind distractions and disruptions to get fuel to change history.

We can do the same. It’s not that hard. Here is my daily action plan. I hope this helps in developing yours.

Here are five things that are working for me:

1. Schedule Intentionally. I have a set time to meet with the Lord daily. Yes, it’s actually in my calendar. If I don’t make the time I will loose it. I’ve created a morning workflow with significant time built-in for Bible reading, prayer and journaling. It’s working well for me.

2. Read Initially. Reading the Bible first creates a focus and a launching pad for me. Part of my reading is a systematic study through God’s Word. I know exactly where to begin each day. Then I go to select scriptures I feel like the Lord is leading me to meditate on.

3. Wait Patiently. I don’t rush off to prayer. I close my eyes, focus on Jesus and begin to offer up thanksgiving and praise. I remind myself that He delights in me and is enjoying our time together. Here I experience His presence and discover His heart. I have worship music playing and a notepad to jot down things that come to me. These are tasks, prayer points, things I sense the Lord is leading me into.

4. Share Honestly. I begin to pray back what I sense is on the Lords heart. I have discovered that I do better when I do this out loud. I talk out loud about what is concerning me. I ask questions out loud. I go over situations out load. I process out loud. I talk to him about ministry, calling, people, money, family etc. What to write and how to order my day. I pray over my calendar and gatherings. You name it. The Holy Spirit is my Pastor. I pray, I praise, I write in response to what I sense He is telling me.

5. Journal Consistently. I have a journal that I keep in DayOne. I open it up and begin writing whatever comes to mind. I copy and paste verses from my Bible reading and write on those verses, I add testimonies, prophetic words, events, pictures, ideas and things I am sensing the Lord telling me. This is working great for me. Use whatever tool works for you.

I guarantee if you do something like this daily, you will be more confident, secure, bold and discerning. Stress will fall off and tension will decrease as His peace begins to rule your heart. You will be able to give more freely, love more deeply and live from a place of rest in the middle of a hectic day. You will be more assured about direction and decisions that need to be made. More importantly, you will sense the closeness of God and a growing dialogue and friendship with Jesus. You can’t beat that.

YOUR TURN: What has been your experience in committing daily time with the Lord in keeping that spiritual blade sharp? What tips can you offer the M1P community? Add your comment below.

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Greg Simas
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  • Awesome stuff PG!  Thanks so much for sharing this with us…and thanks for being this kind of a shepherd – one who leads us from a place of fullness!  You are amazing!!!!

    • Thanks for your comment, Carla. I hope this post helps. Glad to see you “jump into” the M1P community. You’re amazing, yourself 😉  

  • The man sharpening his saws is one of my favorite stories and I refer to it often to encourage people to take that break – to sharpen their saws. 

    I’m not GREAT about sharpening my spiritual saws, so these 5 tips are timely. Thanks. 

    • Amy, thanks for commenting here. I cannot tell you how many people I talk with that share your story. I just encourage you to keep going and try and increase your time little by little. Progress is the goal…:-)

  • This is so good! 🙂 Prayer this is the key, staying connected to God in private time with Him alone.
    I fast twice a week, this keeps me sharp and in tune to Him. I found out when I went on a 12 day fast that I felt very close to God, I heard Him clearly and I found great joy in the little things. He led me into a life of fasting twice a week, this keeps me very humble  and hungry for His word, His voice, His face. All day long He will give me little ‘wow’ moments of little things, seeing them in a new light or a new side. Really cool!


    • Fasting is real key. Over the last few years I have discovered the power of fasting. I feel like I have a long way to go. I have discovered that fasting sharpens the mind and the spirit. You think clearer and your spirit is more responsive to God’s voice. So glad you have made this a significant discipline in your life!!

  • Speak it PG. Such a good word. In the past when I didn’t do daily devotionals or meditations of the Lord I find that my days aren’t prioritized properly. My energy is lower. I’m more likely to grumble instead of rejoicing always. Taking time to sharpen our saws reenergizes me. I muskeg do something similar but also open up my bible app whenever I am waiting for something thru the day. Going to start blogging soon myself for folks who faithfully serve Him in our lives.

    • So good to here what you’re doing. I am totally with you regarding the priority thing. When I don’t spend that solid time with the Lord I literally waste a half a day with misplaced priorities. Love that you are using the Bible App…which one are you using? And I am looking forward to your blog. Just start it. If you need help I would be glad to assist getting you up and running. Thanks for sharing…

      • Hi Greg! I’m using YouVersion and I have the NKJV downloaded to my phone. Currently just going through the 365 day reading plan. I’ll let you know if I need help with the blog. You are doing an awesome job :).

        • YouVersion is awesome. I am using it to go through the Bible in a year — chronologically. Glad you are on it and taking time in the Word. 
          BTW Thanks for the encouragement regarding My One Pursuit 🙂

    • I have an ipod hooked up in my car so I can catch some solid teaching on my way to the office and around town. I can get through 2 a week just by doing that. 
      Glad you set up the private journal…Sweet! Moved mine over to…so I own all the content.  You need to get your blog rolling again after vaca—:-)

  • I particularly support the “honest” communication part… that has always been key to meaningful interaction for me… I will consider the other guidelines…thanks.

  • this is great stuff. i find my day is so much better when i make time to be with the Lord, especially when it feels like i am too busy. it isn’t always an instant fix, but i can feel the fruit of it as i keep turning to Him throughout my days. i too am using you version to go through the Bible (almost finished!) and i like to take time to sit down at the piano and just worship and sing to Him. worshiping always adjusts my attitude and perspective, instantly connecting me to the Holy Spirit.

    • Worship is super vital…a total refocus especially if I can focus enough to fix my gaze on the Lord. I am glad you are using YouVersion, a great tool! Almost done! Wow, when did you start?

  • This is an excellent post. I really appreciate the last chapter – the daily outcome … confidence, discernment, peace, etc. Thanks for sharing from your experience.

    • Thanks, Brian. I need to build this kind of structure in my day to fully maximize it. Also, thanks for the link on your blog post over on your site! Blessings to you!

  • Hi Greg I am 17 Amazing work i read this alot and Amazingly I understand all of this and to know i am close to God but i dont understand the Spiritual Edge Sharp stuff never heard of it if you can explain it to me and tell me how to start I am a newcomer if you wish to call it that haha thanks alot =)

    • H, Matthew. Keeping your Spiritual Edge sharp alludes a blade of a saw or ax or even a simple cutting knife. The value the the tool is in direct proportion on how sharp it is. The sharper the better in order to do the job it was created for.

      In truth, the analogy of the sharpened saw points to our own spiritual lives. Growing in God and knowing Him is what we are designed to do. It’s how we work best for the Lords glory and honor. Knowing God by daily spending time with Him is vital to fulfilling the unique call he has on our lives.

      Hope this helps you! Blessings in Jesus.

  • I’ve just recently started keeping a journal (just over a month or so) and am really enjoying and benefiting from it in the way you describe. Can’t figure out why I didn’t start doing it sooner. 🙂

  • Well I learn to enter in his presence with thanksgiving and with praise scripture from his word, repent from hindrance and ask for his present and intercede for other, family and last myself. We live with others who always found a reason to interrupt. God say follow peace with all man, and keep praise in mouth constanly

  • Hear God is not following an stranger as his word stated to have divine guidance against three enemies, flesh, world and the fallen one. His voice give wisdom to be successful in whatever we put our hand to and God receive the glory which is his

  • I’m so glad I found this. I’ve been uneasy and with no direction. I now feel hopeful and I have purpose. God bless you abundantly.

  • Thank you Greg for sharing your experience.
    It’s wonderful to be in the presence of the Lord. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore we have to stay sharp in the Spirit so that, as you mentioned, we will be more confident, secure, bold and discerning. Our presence brings light and power and authority. The agents of satan trembles. Our presence bring destruction to their dark kingdom.
    I will definitely, by the Grace of God do my journal. it is interesting. Thank you.


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