6 MORE Ways to Hear God’s Voice

The world we live in is full of noise. Distractions abound. Voices are constantly vying for our attention. Whether these voices come from our loved ones or they are the voices of advertising, television or social media. The noise is constant, relentless and unyielding.

Have you ever lost a child in a crowd? We have. What a scary feeling it is. We just started calling out their name until we found them. Come to find out they were never too far, just covered by people who were far taller than themselves. They couldn’t see us but they could hear our voice. Our voice brought hope, security and peace.

It’s only through relationship that we develop an “ear” for those we do life with. Because God can speak to us on so many different heavenly frequencies, we need to train ourselves to tune in and hear His voice. Understanding how He speaks is the first step, then seeking to discern His voice daily needs to follow.

With that said, let’s look at six more ways God speaks to us.

1. Angels – Luke 2:10

Angels are divine couriers sent to us from heaven to instruct and inform us. We see them often in the New Testament breaking into the earthly realm to serve believers. Hebrews 13:2 says that we entertain the angelic without even knowing it.

Angels are found in key times in human history releasing the voice of the Lord (Luke 1:11-17; Luke 1:26-33; Matthew 28:5-7; Acts 10:3-8)

2. Physical Senses – Psalm 119:67

Feelings are the voice of the human body. God can use both pain and suffering in our lives to speak to us. When these things happen to us it’s important to go to the Lord and squeeze out the lessons He might want to teach us in the process.

Also, there is a growing number of people who are receiving Words of Knowledge through short bursts of pain in their bodies. This is usually seen in a church meeting or even in the marketplace. God’s voice is being felt and these Words of Knowledge are being released and people are receiving healing.

3. Coincidence and Circumstance – Judges 6:36-40

Both coincidence and circumstances are what I consider remarkable events or occurrences that take place in our lives that are more than just happenstance. These are noticeably recognized within us as something that God is directing and putting together. We sense the presence of the Lord around these events that take place.

When these events occur, it’s important to make sure they stay securely in the banks of the Word of God. These are never meant to replace the leading of the Holy Spirit nor should negative circumstances deter us away from accomplishing God’s will.

4. Signs and Wonders – John 10:37-38

Every miracle, sign and wonder declares something about God’s nature and releases His voice. Jesus said that if the religious community did not believe what He said, at least believe Him based on the miracles that were done. The miracles speak of who God is.

Gideon’s request in regard to the fleece released miracles that confirmed God’s voice (Judges 6:36-40). Moses also received confirmation of God’s voice through miracles (Exodus 4:3-7).  The Apostle Paul’s conversion is surrounded by miracles and the voice of the Lord (Acts 9).

5. Intuition, Perception and Impressions – Mark 2:8

All of  these have to do with an internal Spirit-led ‘heightened awareness” or a “gut feeling” that cannot be ignored. It’s out of relationship with the Lord that we develop this sensitivity and recognize the inner impressions and nudges of things unknown to us at the time.

This is one of the main ways the Lord speaks to me. As they come I have learned to recognize and respond to them.

6. The Prophetic – Acts 2:17

To prophecy means simply, “to declare”, “announce” or to “foretell” under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. God will often speak to us through others to release His voice. The gift of prophecy is given to encourage, edify and comfort (1 Corinthians 14:3). The voice of the Lord comes to call out the treasure in others, building up and strengthening them.

We must never value prophecy above the Word of God nor should prophecy ever contradict God’s Word. It should come to bring both confirmation and hope.

Let me say that first and foremost the Lord will speak to us by His Word in communion with His Spirit. I set this as my number one priority. But He has spoken to me, by His Spirit, in the many of the ways I have shared.

I would urge you to lean into His voice. Learn how He speaks and pay attention! The good news is that He wants to speak with you more than you actually want Him to. Enjoy the journey of hearing His voice in developing an eternal friendship with God. He delights in making Himself known on every frequency of heaven.

Your Turn: Out of all 12 (6 on the previous post) which are the most frequent ways the Lord is speaking to you now?

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Written by
Greg Simas
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Dean Deguara
10 years ago

God speaks to me with creative ideas. It’s crazy! The more I do to cultivate the idea the more confirmation I see that it was His spoken accomplishing what it was sent to do through me.

10 years ago

Hi Greg, Well I have 5 of the 6, not the prophetic. I did a weekend seminar ‘The Art of Hearing God’ John Paul Jackson, it was great and we were learning the prophetic but I don’t think my gifting is here. I believe as the end of times draw near we are hearing God more clearly. I have a cool story to share. My daughter is Spirit filled and very sensitive to God’s voice. One day in her university class she felt an overwhelming presence of God and looked over her should and saw an angel standing guard in… Read more »

5 years ago
Reply to  Greg Simas

Wow, its a really awesome story… got such an overwhelming sensation when I read that. God speak to me through his word and God is very specific.

10 years ago

I would have to say His Word and impressions. The prophetic is always something I make sure to grab on to when it is being poured out. I have also been praying ACTS 2:17 for a while now; looking forward to receiving more dreams and visions! Loved this series!

7 years ago

I am twelve, in the past couple of months my relationship with God has been rocky. I wasn’t sure if there even was a God. But after I found this I know that it was a true sign from God. This has really helped me have a better relationship with him. God bless you!

6 years ago

hi i had an experience like no other I was a bad sinner drunkard con etc but last year in my dream God sent an Angel and a dream took so long at the head God rumbled in my hears and was so disturbed four he sent me to my friends whom we used to do con game with but they never changed later they died.nb four day’s after dream I saw angels descending and I could speak to them though no one else could see them

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