A Creative Thank-You. Let Your Volunteer Staff Know They Are Appreciated

A House of Prayer/Church is only as effective as the volunteer staff who serve in it. We cannot do what God is calling us to do without them.

Creative “Thank-You”

We invited every staff volunteer to an Appreciation Dinner to celebrate and honor them.

Above is our creative “thank-you” note each of our staff volunteers received at the dinner. We wanted something different, fun and memorable to express our thanks and appreciation.


A Couple Thoughts About Showing Appreciation For Others

  1. We demonstrate honor. When we honor others we recognize and bring out God’s glory in them.
  2. We put into motion a powerful truth, “what we celebrate gets repeated.” You will see increase in the area’s you celebrate.
  3. We tangibly celebrate and live for the success of others. We are successful when we intentionally work to make those around us successful.

If others are serving along side of you in any capacity make sure you let them know how much they are appreciated, loved and valued.

Gratitude and thanksgiving are huge Kingdom principles. Live these principles out in your church, workplace, with your spouse and family in a tangible way.

Your Thoughts

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