A Simple Tool To Help You Stay Focused And On Track Through Extended Times Of Fasting And Prayer

Convergence House of Prayer begins each new year with a season of fasting and prayer. This year is no different. We are at the beginning of our 21 days of fasting and prayer.

In this post I am providing you a tool that is helping me to get the full benefit of my twenty-one days of fasting and prayer.

Through the years I have written several posts on fasting and prayer that I believe will be beneficial, you can find them here.

1. How To Be Successful With Prayer and Fasting. [right click and go to “save (or download) link file as”]

2. The Practical Guide to Fasting and Prayer.

Using Evernote to Track My Progress

Prayer and Fasting Worksheet

I am learning that if I don’t keep things in front of me I lose track of them, this is especially true with things I need to track on a regular (daily, weekly) basis.

Loosing focus is the number one hindrance to not achieving our goals. We lose focus because important things we want to carry out lose visibility. The more visibility we have on what’s important the greater the impact on achieving them.

So with this season of fasting and prayer I’m using this simple spreadsheet I worked up in Evernote to keep me focused and on track.

I am also doing the same with my goals. I have created a document in Evernote to keep me on track with what I sense the Lord is calling me to this year and I review and pray over them daily.

How I’m Using the Prayer and Fasting Worksheet

I’ve divided the worksheet from left to right into categories and vertically by days. So you’ll notice that I start with the type of fast I sense the Lord calling me to in the far left corner. Then I move from left to right regarding certain key area’s.

1. What things I need clarity on.

2. What things I need to commit to.

3. To whom I want to go deeper in relationship with.

4. What breakthroughs I am believing the Lord for.

Notice too, that there is space for notes underneath each category. Here I write what I specifically want to go after in each area. You can add/subtract to this and note things in the boxes

I use the days (vertical column) as a simple daily check off as I move through the twenty-one days of fasting and prayer.

The empty boxes to the right provide space for daily notes and answers to prayer.

Note: You can change this however way you like to best suite your own needs. If you use paper you can draw your own worksheet in your journal.

This worksheet is just a simple way for me to daily keep the big picture of my time of fasting and prayer in front of me so things are not lost in the busyness of each day. Also, the worksheet provides an instant view of what I’m praying for and the progress I’m making in the spirit.

Here are downloadable links for you if you would like to have the worksheet for your own personal use.

Fasting and Prayer Worksheet Evernote File Here  [right click and go to “save (or download) linked file as”]

Fasting and Prayer Worksheet Shared Evernote Link 

Fasting And Prayer Worksheet PDF 

Can you recommend a tool (or method) to help others stay focused and on track through extended time of fasting and prayer?

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  1. Brian Jan 6, 2015 at 9:17 am

    I appreciate this, Greg, not just the tool, but the intentionality behind it. I don’t have any tools to recommend, but I will say I sense the Holy Spirit challenging me about increasing the intensity of my intention. What I’m feeling is that there is power in concentrated focus over time. Distraction drains potential. I like your thought about keeping things before us (has there ever been a noisier, more distracting time in the history of the human race?). I’ll be downloading this. I need to upgrade my game with Evernote!

    1. Greg Simas Jan 6, 2015 at 10:16 am

      Evernote is growing on me and it’s becoming more and more a daily tool in my tool belt.

      I find going 21 days in fasting and prayer really helps align my heart and focus for the entire year. I encourage you to move forward on the intensity end of things for the sake of greater clarity and revelation! Blessings!

  2. Tammy Searle Mar 4, 2015 at 10:35 am

    Love your “fasting/prayer how to keep focused” worksheet idea!! I got to go to New Zealand for Ryder’s (my youngest) YWAM DTS graduation ( and his debrief week from India outreach). I’m in Mexico now with the Fam ……sooo, all that to say, I’m way behind on your great wisdom!! I enjoyed you and Jordon in Cyprus!! Tell Jordon that I have post some cool pics on Instagram (my user name is mamasearle) Tammy Searle, Pagosa Springs!!

    1. Greg Simas Mar 4, 2015 at 12:45 pm

      Hi Tammy, Great hearing from you! I’m grateful the article help better equip you. I’ll let Jordan know about the pics. Glad you are all doing so well!


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