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How to Hear God's Voice

Aligning Yourself to Hear the Voice of God

God wants to be known. He wants to communicate with you, talk with you, to fellowship with you. He wants to share life with you.

He is personal.

He is near.

Some theology is just made to be painfully simple. As deep a study as the voice of the Lord can be, it can also be explained simply yet carry a profound truth.

Before I received the Lord in my life at the age of 16, I understood that there was a God somewhere…up there. I knew that He was supreme but I never thought that He wanted to talk with a 16 year old kid. But He did. I found that out for myself.

Let me assure you, when you feel that no one else wants to give you the time of day, Jesus has “all day”. It’s not like God isn’t busy but He is God, He dwells outside of time. He as all the time in the world for you and then some.

I don’t know how that makes you feel but this is a major honor that is bestowed on every believer.  Think about it, you have a captive, one on one, audience with the Eternal God. We would be thrilled to just spend 1 hour with one of our earthly heroes yet we have the opportunity to be in the presence of the Endless One at any time.

But how do we talk with God? How do we communicate with Him? Even more thought-provoking is how does He communicate with us?

Let’s take a look at this verse.

John 10:27  My sheep hear my voice; I know them, and they follow me. 

The word “voice” in the original greek language is “phone”.  Obviously, Jesus did not have  a phone as we know it but we have taken this greek word “phone” and applied it to a device that enables us to communicate and share our “voice” with others. That’s the point here. So let’s just plug the word “phone” in the verse and have fun with it.

Here is how it would read,

“My sheep hear my “phone”, I know them and they follow me.”

We can also add this.

“My sheep are picking up the phone that is always ringing consistently. They answer. They want to hear my voice. We talk. There’s a conversation we enjoy having. My voice is being heard and I hear theirs. I know them and they know me. As a result, we are joined together. They follow me and I lead them.”

That’s called building a solid friendship. Being deeply connected.

Jesus made the connection possible and paid for the cost for the “phone” plan, it’s called the Cross. There are no additional costs for the minutes, no roll over fees and the contract never expires. It even has FaceTime so you can talk face to face.

He looks forward in talking with you. He anticipates the conversation.  He wants to hear your voice. He wants to be your Friend not just your Savior.

He is the supreme God. He is completely holy and righteous, yet He is personal, perfect in love and fully devoted to your success. He is the ultimate Counselor, Teacher and Miracle Worker. He is both Wisdom and Truth, Friend and Father.

Today, I would urge you to pick up the phone and connect with the Lord. He’s waiting.

Your Turn:  What makes hearing the voice of God difficult for people?

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  • To think that the God of the universe wants to have a conversation with me. And it’s a two-way conversation. He not only wants to speak, but He wants to hear me speak. I know when I pick up my spiritual phone to give Him a call, I will never receive a busy signal! Looking forward to more on this!

  • How can we make sure that our phone with God is of Verizon Network quality? (Not the other brand 🙂 with dropped calls and weak signals)

  • God or rather Yahweh for clarity, is talking to people all the way through the bible. Hello!
    Read Counceled by God by Virkler. for an explanitation for all the stuff going through YOUR HEAD !You didn’t really think all of the stuff ( voices you hear in your head) was from You did You ?
    The bible teaches that there are many voices in this world and none without signafication. That goes to signature. The ” voice ” will put it’s signature on what they are saying. The accuser of the brethren, accuses Us. The spirit of suicide tries to get us to kill ourselves. The angel of light is a name for the devil. a Holy Spirit counterfit, it will quote scripture to you and yet wants you to beat someone with it. The BBC has an article on hearing voices and their article is the only one I have found the says that this is NORMAL ! ( google, hearing voices )
    God is speaking to everyone and everyone has already heard what He said and it is easy to prove. YOU be the witness, YOU be the judge!
    Read Counceled by God by Virkler and get back to me. The instructions for the book are. Sit down and read the book straight through. Meditate on what you have read, look up the scriptures for yourself. Skip a day and study on it and repeat. Read straight through and meditate on it and skip a day ane repeat. What YOU did not get tyhe first Two times, Yahweh will clear it up by the third reading.. Give me 40 hours during a week and I call it giving someone a leg up an their horse Isa. 31:3.. What You did not understand Him saying to You the first times , He will clear up by the third.
    God spoke to Jerimiah in the womb and He is not a respector of persons.Listen to the pronouns in your head, If You are thinking it , You would think, I am going to do this or that. If someone else was talking to You, they would say You do this or that. We are to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ..1Cor. 10-3,5 . Hear Yahweh’s voive and Obey !. Jer. 7 & 9.
    I was an athiest when God started talking to me, crazy that’s all. Ha Ha ! Well this went on for four years before I believed God really talked to people today. He answered ALL of my questions and dispelled ALL of my doubts and there was no longer a reason Not to Believe.
    There was a shift in the matrix and I went into a trans or vision state for 5 days the first time. Yahweh explained everything He had told me in parables, ( war stories and cowboy and Indian stories) and explained them to me Face to Face after I believed.. ( when I read the sermon on the Mt. I was standing on a sand bar next to John when he called out the LAMB of GOD, I saw the Holy Spirit decend as a dove would decend and covered YAHSHUA and went inside of Him. There was no actual dove.Now I teach on hearing Yahweh’s voice for ones self. The bible beeters say the we DON’T HAVE A RED PHONE TO HEAVEN !
    Their full of it . religious spirits,,,traditions of men.
    Faith come by hearing and hearing by the Word. Word here is the Holy Spirit. Faith comes by hearing the Holy Spirit talking to YOU PERSONALLY ! MIXED WITH FAITH = God spoke to YOU first and then put someone in front of you to say the SAME THING , WORD FOR WORD to let You know that you heard correctly. Now every evil spirit out there can talk to you also and give you visions etc. Just like Jesus being tempted in the desert by the devil. discerning between Your voice and God’s voice and the others is the training. You need to know the bible to compare the ” other words” with the scripture. The Holy Spirit will ONLY testify of JESUS ! In Yogoslavia people would be killed for going to church or a bible study,,,they would get the word on the location 30 minutes before the bible study from the Holy Spirit and congregate. Most of the churches on the corner don’t have a clue. Three points and a poem is all they are interested in,
    Yahweh is teaching the remnant personally. The Father the Word and the Holy Spirit agree in one in heaven as the Spirit the Water and the Blood agree as one in the earth, this is Wheel within a WHEEL thing. Washed by the WATER of the Word.this is a soul relm thing and blood is the natural relm. OUR SPIRIT, SOUL AND BODY agree in one in the earth.
    Cleanse YOURSELF of all filthyness of the spirit and the flesh. spirit here is worldly spiritual strongholds in Your mind.

    THE WAY TO GET SILENCE IN YOUR MIND IS TO SING PRAISES, GOD INHABITS OUT PRAISE, the demons can’t stand it and go away, ( just like David playing the harp for Saul )Now you can hear God better. SILENCE THE NEGATIVE VOICES IS THE WAY TO START. Heb. 11 the so called faith chapter,,,everyone of those guys, HEARD YAHWEH’S VOIVE AND OBEYED ! God counted it to them for righteousness. Want to be righteous,perfect in the eyes of God ,,HEAR GOS’S VOICE AND OBEY!
    DEMONSTRAIGHT ,the first five letters here are DEMON , a person being activated by demons in demonstraighting! ” Familiar spirits ” are the ones that you had and now are on the outside talking crap. So familiar that you might notice that their back, until they bite you.
    Faith or Fear are the choices. Yahweh says , HAVE NO FEAR! Go Forward with God!

    Remember the weapons of OUR WAREFARE ARE NOT CARNAL BUT SPIRIT!

    • Bob, your comment is hard for me follow. I really don’t know what exactly you are saying here.

      A couple of my thoughts:

      1. I enjoy Virkler’s “Communion with God” book. I read it about 10+ years ago.
      2. I have to be more confident that God is speaking to me rather than the devil. Jesus is the one who is living in me and I am trusting the Holy Spirit is active in my life. I refuse to believe in this “big” devil who is always trying to deceive rather then the all-powerful God living inside of me. I think we make a HUGE mistake when we are so concerned about being deceived that we fail to trust the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Fear of being deceived freezes and keeps us from moving forward with what we sense is the Holy Spirit.
      3. The Bible is the ultimate standard for life. Nothing we do should violate it. It’s our plumb-line for hearing God and doing His will.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • Greg, the devil is under our feet, the only power he has is what we give him. Not to be feared and yet even Yahshua said , get behind Me satan.when Peter was saying something against God’s Word. Rebuking a toung that rose up against Him in judgement.

        Paul had a messenger to buffet Him. If you don’t believe the angel of light tries to counterfit the Holy Spirit it will be easy to fool you ! When someone aproaches me I ask the Holy Spirit, what’s this about. Some time He says this is an attack. Look up ” thorns in the flesh and goads in the eyes. These are people talking trash to believers. We deal with that and spirits talking to us. Why did Yahweh tell us to cleans ourselves of all the filthyness of the fleas and spiait. Look up spirit here.Spiritual strongholds in our minds. 2Cor. 7-1
        I am not afraid of the devil, My comment to him is come against me devil and bare witness to the Power of the Holy Spirit. Isa. 54-17 most people know ,,,no weapon formed against me will prosper,,,the rest of the story is and every toung that rises up against me, I will condemn ! Voives in front of you or in your head. I had already been through the course from the Holy Spirit when He introduced me to Counceled by God. I use it as a primer.
        Pull Down, Cast Down & Take captive. 2Cor. 10-3-5 We need to erace every worldly stronghold in our minds and up load the mind of Christ. Be Transformed by the renewing of the mind.
        The devil takes a Spiritual concept and brings it into the natural with a natural understanding. The chart of evilution where the ape turnes into a man over several steps in the Spirit, I SEE the beast nature of man turning into a God man over several steps. It’s like I am sitting in Faather’s lap on His throne and Jesus is in me doing the work while Father explaines everything to me.
        4 Faces over time.
        In the beginning the Spirit hovers on the water,Eagle, then the suffering servant, OX / Lamb , Yahshua ben Joseph the SEED. Then the Lion / Lamb, believer, puts all enemies under His feet, still Yahshua ben Joseph the Full ear of Corn. Then the Perfect Man, Yahshua ben David puts His feet on Olivette.

        Through being a servant we can walk into the Fullness of the Godhead bodily, within the FULLNESS of the GODHEAD.

  • I appreciate your post and find your info sound. Hearing Gods voice is something that I need to work at. I am asking The Lord to renew my faith and give me clarity for His plans for me. Thank you , Donald

    • Hi Donald. Welcome to the blog.

      I join you in your prayers. We all need to hear the voice of the Lord better. I pray for your success! Blessings to you!


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In addition, you will have the convenience of having new posts delivered right to your email inbox. Read. Forward to Friends.Unsubscribe at any time.
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