[Part Two] Defining The Main Difference Between a House of Prayer and a Traditional Church

Convergence House of Prayer

It’s always enjoyable to discuss the House of Prayer reality with good friends over a great lunch. That is exactly what happened last week. I shared our history of moving more intentionally from a ministry focused church to an intimacy focused church. There were lots of great questions as my friends were exploring this reality for their own ministry.

Questions on Leadership And Finishing Well

When are we as leaders going to figure out that sin is insanity. Why do we keep going around the same mountain thinking that we can “get away” with moral and ethical practices that are contrary to scripture?

If sin is to soul what cancer is to the body why then do we want to draw near it and indulge. Why embrace what will kill?

Five Smooth Stones: The Importance Of Maturity In Gaining Victory

I want you to consider something: The depth of our maturity in God prepares us to slay giants.

In 1 Samuel 17 we discover that Goliath stood over nine feet tall, was arrayed with heavy armor and taunted the armies of Israel. He was big, skillful and intimidating. No one would stand up to him, except David.

Saul tries to place his armor on David but that does not work. David decides to use what God has given him and, grabbing his shepherd’s staff, he heads to the brook, chooses five smooth stones and approaches Goliath and kills him.

Why Every Leader Needs A Tent Of Meeting

Tent of Meeting

The pressures of leadership can often be intense. We (Convergence House of Prayer) are coming down to the wire with the completion of our new building. The building is due to receive final inspections in just a few short weeks.

Right now, it feels like we are in heavy labor awaiting the baby to be born. It’s hard, it’s painful but we realize how amazing things will be upon delivery, we already started to buy a ComfortCam Baby Monitor, you don’t know how exited we are about this!

Through this season, I have thought a lot about the life of Moses and what he needed to do in being “the guy” to lead Israel out of Egypt and into the promised land.

Night And Day Worship And Prayer Growing In Many Churches

Greg Simas

A few days ago my wife, Wendi, and I had the privilege of speaking at Living Water Church, an Assemblies of God church with two growing campuses; one in Berkeley and the other in Alameda. The church is filled with young adults who love God and are passionate for His presence.

Recently, Living Water launched the Upper Room; a prayer room located several hundred feet from UC Berkeley’s campus.

What To Do When You Are Faced With a Great Challenge


Note. This post is created as a continuation of a earlier post called, “You Never Have To Stay Discouraged; Here’s How.” Though it’s a separate post all together, you can get the full impact of this post by reading the post mentioned above.

Great challenges face us all. If you are going to do anything great for God, you will be required to step into great challenges and seemingly impossible situations with God.

What do we do when we face these challenges and what are some ways to be successful in them?