Convergence House Of Prayer Grand Opening ReCap….Finally!

Things have been a bit crazy over the last several weeks and I am now finally getting around to recapping the Grand Opening.

Bill and Beni Johnson – Bethel Church, Redding

What a great evening having Bill and Beni with us! Though they are family, Bill is one of my favorite teachers and leaders. He and Beni carry a wealth of wisdom that we have the privilege to draw from and His teaching speaks for itself. I’ve dropped in His audio teaching from Tuesday Night for your encouragement and growth.

I believe there was a profound deposit made for Convergence and our region with their anointing and ministry. [click any picture to view the slideshow]

Allen Hood – International House of Prayer, Kansas City

Over the weekend Allen Hood, Associate Director and IHOPU and President of International House of Prayer – Kansas City, was with us. Allen has been key in moving us into a greater reality of the House of Prayer with Prayer Room strategy and networking so it was only fitting that he take part in our Grand Opening. Allen brought an amazing word out of Psalm 110 on Friday Night. The message is around the Priestly and Kingly anointings coming together in this very hour. I’ve dropped the message here.

Sunday Morning Dedication

On Sunday we invited all those who were involved in the building project to join us for our AM Service. With us were our builders, designers, and media teams. We designed unique plaques for each and honored them. We had a great team!

Allen gave a great Word in wrapping things up. He also had staff come forward for prayer. You can catch Allens Sunday AM message here.

A Few Quick Thoughts Regarding Our Grand Opening Week

  • It’s important to Celebrate Milestones – I believe celebration must happen. We get what we celebrate. Celebration is IMMENSELY important to God and it should be to us. Celebrate your victories, your blessings and life in your community. Celebrate often!
  • It’s life-giving to Honor Others – I understand when people say, “It’s all about Jesus!” but that really isn’t completely true. The final expression and worth goes to Jesus but he uses people made in His image and likeness to get things done. It’s life-giving and essential to honor others. When we honor others, Jesus is glorified.
  • Be in relationship with those who will take you where you want to go. As the Lord sows His heart into yours, He will align you with people who have gone further than you so you can go further yourself. Both Bill and Allen and the apostolic streams they each represent have paved the way for where we are headed.
  • Ministering Through the Generations Is Worth It. So glad I listened to wise counsel. So glad I made the decision to minister through the generations. So glad I determined to go deep in God. It’s ALL been worth it!

Thanks to all who made our celebration week happen. I love our community. The best place on earth! God is good!!

Your thoughts: If you were with us or joined us via the live-stream, share your thoughts on the Grand Opening week, I would love to read them.  

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