Convergence Worship First Ever EP “You Alone” PLUS Giveaway

Our very first worship project, “You Alone,” from Convergence Worship is out and available on Bandcamp and iTunes.

“You Alone” is a three song EP by Jordan Simas, Ryan Swihart, and Anthony Pereira, all part of our Convergence House of Prayer tribe.

Our Recording Studio Vision

As I prayerfully considered the construction of our new building, the Holy Spirit impressed upon me to build a high-quality recording studio within the overall design of the project. I ran this by our team, and we all felt that we should proceed.

The “You Alone” EP is the first fruits of what I believe will be a much bigger worship offering for our congregation and from others in our region.

Though the studio was not completely furnished when the project launched, these guys took it upon themselves to be faithful to what was already given and used what was available to record, mix, master and produce the EP.

Good news! Just recently, the funds have come to fully furnish the studio which is a testimony about how the Lord takes small offerings of faithfulness and blesses them abundantly.

Worship Night To Celebrate the “You Alone” EP

The “You Alone” EP was officially released on Sunday, December 4, 2016. To celebrate its release the team held a Worship Night, Sunday, December 18th, and opened the evening up to all who wanted to come and hear the EP live in a corporate setting. It was an amazing evening of worship as the Lord’s presence filled the room.

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Where to purchase the “You Alone” EP

If you would like to buy the “You Alone” EP you can go to Bandcamp or iTunes and pick it up. The cost is a beginning donation price of $5 dollars, but you can pay as much as you like for it above the $5 dollar donation price.

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