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We have to choose and believe the Bible over any news correspondence we are receiving via traditional media and social media outlets during this pandemic. We need to anchor ourselves in the report of the Lord, which is found in His Word. .

What is the Truth?

Honestly, there is so much news, from so many sources, we can spend four to five hours a day in research and still come away completely unclear about anything. Even the so-called “facts” are, in many ways, tainted or skewed to fit one’s position or potential gain.

The only true anchor we have is God’s Word. The local and global news will never give you the peace you need, the hope you need, the faith you need to move through this crisis, or any crisis for that matter. The only truth that will get us through is the truth found in God’s Word.

Psalm 119:105 “Your word is a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path.

Make The Choice

We have to be intentional and choose to pour over God’s Word in seasons like these. Choose His Word to provide you the needed life-line between heaven and earth. Choose His Word to provide the Spirits counsel and wisdom. Choose His Word to hear His voice over every other. Choose His Word to renew your mind. Choose His Word to light your path.

I challenge you to spend extended time daily reading, marking, and underlining your Bibles. Find your favorite passages and read and re-read them. Find His promises and declare them!

Listen to the Bible while driving in your car or walking in your neighborhood. Come into alignment and agreement with what God is saying through His Word.

The longer we are in this current global pandemic, the less I’ve tuned into the news and twitter feeds, and the more I’ve found faith and confidence in His Word.

Take up the challenge today, choose and believe the Bible over the News.

Blessings —

Pastor Greg

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