Ekklesia Ministry Trip to the Philippines

Here at Convergence, we have been experiencing the message of Ekklesia growing in our hearts and in each one of us. We keep hearing testimonies of how the message of Ekklesia is revolutionizing our homes and workplaces, and while we are still at the beginning of understanding the fullness of this message, one thing we do know is that the Lord is in it. The signs and wonders and personal transformation many are experiencing are evident that this is the message for the Body of Christ for this hour.

We were blessed as the Holy Spirit let us to Germany and from there Philadelphia, Oregon, Washington and to the Philippines not only once but twice.

What the Lord is doing in the “Ekklesia” in the Philippines is absolutely phenomenal. The first trip to the Philippines, we preached Ekklesia to over 500 people at a Living Waters Conference.

Our second trip in January 2018 was focused on a select group of the spiritual leaders of the nation. A total of 130 pastors and leaders gathered as we taught Ekklesia for four days. The Holy Spirit was so present which resulted in a huge Ekklesia “paradigm” shift in the hearts of these Pastors and spiritual leaders.

It is so amazing to see and experience. They are hungry for “more” of the Lord.

So next week, May 12-May 26, we, (Wendi and I), are heading back to the Philippines on our 3rd missionary journey in seven months. It brings us such joy to be with these amazing believers. They are like family to us. We are commissioned to begin to cascade the Ekklesia message to the rest of the nation. The first leg of this trip will be up in the northern section of the nation.

Regions we will be heading to are:

  • Baguio- May 14-15
  • Nueva Ecija – May 16-19
  • Metro Manilla – May 21-24

We would love as much prayer covering as possible. We don’t want this to be just a good teaching experience, but we also want to see an activation and demonstration of the Kingdom of God with miracles, signs, and wonders. Also, pray for the Philippines. God is doing something special there. We look forward to sharing a great report with you all upon our return.

PS. If you would like to sow financially into this trip, you can give online using the “Give” button on our Convergence House of Prayer website ConvergenceHOP. Giving Type: Love Offering. Type in “Ekklesia Philippines Trip” in the “comment” area. All donations are tax deductible. Much Thanks! 

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  1. Lloyd E.David Jul 30, 2018 at 6:31 pm

    Welcome to Kalibo Aklan Philippines ptr greg… Your lesson ekklesia is fantastic… I learned more deeply…

    1. Greg Simas Aug 4, 2018 at 7:00 am

      Thank you, Lloyd. We so enjoyed being you all! #ekklesia #revival.


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