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Ekklesia Series // Prayer – The Number One Functional Priority of the Ekklesia

When we understand that Jesus wants to build His Ekklesia, and its assignment is to penetrate the gates of Hades, it soon becomes clear that the primary way to legislate is through prayer. Prayer must become the number one functional identity of the Ekklesia. Personal and corporate prayers are the lifeblood and backbone of the Ekklesia. We take the authority that Christ has given us and access and legislate Heaven to earth.

Church Prayer Meetings

Our prayer meetings are weak because we are misinformed about our assignment. If we believe that the measure of “church” success is attendance, and the number one priority of the “church” is what goes on INSIDE its walls, then our prayer lives become self-centered, our focus grows inward, and our lives grow apathetic towards the Lord and His Kingdom.

Our current understanding of the “church” has cut the legs off our need and urgency to pray. There is little “focus” or “fight” within its current definition. Most are “bored” because we are focused largely on a pastoral rather than an apostolic mandate.

The Ekklesia and Prayer

The Ekklesia cannot survive without prayer. The commission to legislate and assault the gates of Hades starts and ends with prayer since our battle is not with flesh or blood but against principalities and powers.

When we really “get” the revelation about Christ’s Ekklesia, prayer is no longer an option but a necessity. The Sunday morning service is no longer a “church meeting” but an “Ekklesia gathering.”

The apostles knew this. When Jesus said, I will build my “Ekklesia,” they understood unquestionably what Jesus was saying and what they had been assigned to do.

Begin studying the Book of Acts, and you will see how the Ekklesia functioned. The baseline of the early Ekklesia was prayer, which released divine strategies, salvation, angelic visitations, and kingdom power. In a little over 1.5 years, 20% of the city became born-again. That’s revival! That’s transformation!

What if the revelation of the Ekklesia were to be discovered by the Body of Christ today? How would this change our lives, our churches, and our cities? What would the church actually look like? The results and implications are far-reaching!

So, Where Do We Go from Here?

Allow me to give you a few thoughts to consider as we move from “church” to “Ekklesia,” with prayer being our foundation.

1. Prayer must become the number-one functional identity of the church (Ekklesia).

Jesus calls His house a “House of Prayer” for all nations. Jesus lives to make intercession. Why? Because we are His Ekklesia. Prayer must become central for the Ekklesia to succeed.

2. We need to function as a bride who loves and an Ekklesia who rules.

“The people the Bride understand their rulership, not as a Bride, but because they are also the Ekklesia, and likewise, the Ekklesia understand the critical need for intimacy not as a function of their rulership, but because they are as the Bride.” 1

It takes a bride to love Jesus as he deserves, and it takes an Ekklesia to conquer Hades.

3. We need to look at the church as a gathering of people, living stones of the Ekklesia. These are the “called out” ones, those who govern from a place of intimacy to shift the atmosphere of cities and gain air supremacy while winning people to Jesus and moving with supernatural power.

4. We must take a fresh look at the Book of Acts and see how the Ekklesia functioned. Corporate prayer leading to the advancement of the Gospel and the expansion of the Kingdom.

5. We need to ask for the Spirit of wisdom and revelation according to Ephesians 1:17 in order to better understand Christ’s Ekklesia, His ruling government on Earth.

The Ekklesia Carries the Heart of Its King

In The Barbarian Way, Erwin McManus recounts a compelling insight he gained into the history of the Douglas clan while visiting Scotland. The story begins with Robert the Bruce, the Scottish noble who famously betrayed William Wallace as immortalized by Mel Gibson in the movie Braveheart. Later, after Wallace’s execution, Robert the Bruce rose up to lead Scotland to freedom.

“Before his death in 1329, Robert requested that when he died, his heart would be removed and travel into battle with a worthy knight during the crusades. One of his closest friends, James Douglas, honored the request. The heart of Robert the Bruce was embalmed, placed in a small container, and carried around Douglas’s neck. In every battle he fought, Douglas literally carried the heart of his king into the fight. In a campaign against the Moors in Granada, Spain, Douglas was surrounded by enemies. Knowing his death was imminent, he took the heart of Robert the Bruce from around his neck and flung it into the midst of the enemy forces, shouting, ‘Fight for the heart of your king!’” 2

1-Dean Briggs – Ekklesia Rising pg. 178

2-Dean Briggs – Ekklesia Rising pg. 119

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  • Very strategic article. Actually, I think in the Bay Area, there is not so much a lack of intercession for the church, but lack of it for Ekklesia pioneers that is bringing the Kingdom of God to all spheres of influence. Somehow in general, there is a disconnect between intercession and the Ekklesia’s that are being planted in the Marketplace.

    • Derrick, I would agree with you here. Until the Body understands the fullness of the Ekklesia we will have this gap. But as we grow in Ekklesia revelation and practice it, the gap will grow smaller and smaller which is Good News!

  • Pastor Greg, thank you for your illumination of the truth. I am new to all this. But I now see the picture – why Jesus repeatedly said “when two (or three) of you …” and why I repeatedly experience a greater presence when we pray together at home. I get it. There is power in the unity and it is intended by Him. “Church”, His body, is not just a gathering of God’s children. “Church” (Ekklesia) is a governing body made up by His grown-up children, princes and princesses of the royal family, exercising His authority bestowed to them on this earth. Thank you for bringing awareness of this great truth. God bless you.

  • Hello Pastor Greg. I still don’t how my USB played out one of your ekklesia series (where did this come from?)… my wife listened to it first during her 3hr prayer watch. then she told me…i got hooked.
    i am a 64yo baptist (or once were) pastor in the Philippines, but the Lord has been working in us in supernatural ways for the past 10 years. in 2017 the Lord engineered for me to become a part of an intercessory group in our island (Negros Island, Visayas, 5M popn). I soon became one of the elders of the movement .
    The movement had quite a testimony. first, they received the vision to build a “Nehemiah Wall” of prayer, by organizing Dawn Watches around the island connecting all 57 towns & cities. This was just before super-typhoon Hainan in Nov2013. Because they obeyed Negros Island was miraculously spared! In 2016, they received the call to build the Lord a House of Prayer in the tallest mount of the island. The Lord provided a one-hectare area in Mt. Canlaon, the tallest peak in the Visayas. The Mt. Zion-Mt. Kanlaon House of Prayer (popularly known as KHOP), which follows the concept of a tabernacle, was inaugurated on Oct. 12, 2017. By God’s direction we inaugurated the 24-7 (prayer, worship, praise, intercession) on January 8, 2018. We will be in our 240th day by Sept. 4, 2018 (the culmination of the 6th 40-day wave and the beginning of the 7th wave). I am the elder/overseer of the 24-7.
    This email is getting longer…sorry. so let me now give u a summary of what God has been doing among us…i will focus on the effects of the 24-7: we experienced the personal love of Abba and the unity of the brethren (we have naturally identified each other by town or city, no longer by church or denomination; this is so because a town/city may send a group of intercessors belonging from different denominations); the Lord used the Negros elders to unite Luzon and Mindanao (sorry i’ll skip the long details); three weeks ago the Negros elders helped unify the Visayas Islands (all 16 provinces were represented in the just concluded Visayas Command Conference); presently, we are getting ready to open the nation’s East Gate in Samar on Sept. 11; from there we are travelling to Mindanao (South Gate) because they wanted Negros to help them establish a house of prayer in Mt. Apo, the tallest mountain in the country, on Sept 14th. Then we’re looking on the first of Oct. to travel to Palawan to open the West Gate, establish a house of prayer and close the nation against Chinese invasion. After that, we go north in Luzon. We are organizing 24-7 in all the gates. This began in Negros, the heart of the Philippines.
    We have been crying for the nation’s revival and last night the Lord showed us we are on the right track, literally on the same orientation that Joshua, Jesus, etc. followed: the East-West orientation.
    I have been trained in city-taking and national transformation for the past 10 years. I personally believe now that without 24-7 in the house of prayer no city or nation can be taken (our city are loaded with local churches…almost one in each corner…some are over 100yo…but the city is in darkness with corruption, crimes, etc).
    Your teachings on EKKLESIA supports what God has been showing me and solidifies it. One time at the Holy of Holies the Holy Spirit showed me the 24-7 in heaven. Then He said: capture that on earth (“let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven”) and God’s kingdom will come to earth and heaven and earth will become one.
    I submit to u humbly what i received from the Lord.

    sincerely, pastor Bill

    • Hi, Pastor Bill. Wow, Wow, Wow! Love ALL of what you said. God is doing SO much in the Philippines and he is using Christs Ekklesia to unlock the gates of hades and advance His Kingdom reign, destroying the works of the enemy! Man, you guys are doing such a GREAT work with the Lord. I’ll make sure I pray for you guys and will pass this onto our team; they will be rejoicing with you! You can find me on Facebook if we are not friends yet. I would definitely love to be and stay connected!


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