As bloggers/writers connecting with our tribe and friends is always great. But every once in a while the Lord just gives something to you that let’s you see that what you are writing is adding value and making a difference in people’s lives.  How rewarding.

Here is one I received just last week:

“I was doing a study on this passage to minister on. I discovered this blog and was blown away by it. You did an incredible job. I almost preached it word for word. You put it so clearly and eloquently I couldn’t find much to add.”  — Jason

Thanks to each of you for every article read and comment given at M1P. 😉

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  1. This is what keeps the flames of writing alive in my heart (besides the inspiration of the Holy Spirit). It’s knowing that I am encouraging others along in their journey.

    1. What is happening in us…benefits others. More people need to be writing. Iron Sharpens Iron. Proverbs 27:17. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that! I received an email a few days ago after a post on Dull Heartedness vs. Alive and Awake, and was told:

    “I wanted to let you know that I printed this blog out and intend to speak this declaration over myself continually! This really spoke to my heart. Thanks for sharing the revelation your getting thru your blog. Several times the words you share are timely for my heart!”

    It so so so encouraged me, not just that I have good stuff to say, but that I am hearing god and releasing the right word in its season! Yay God!


    1. Gina, your comment is really amazing! I loved reading about how much your article added value to another. Letting the Lord use us is such a crazy blessing.

      I really sense this is a CLEAR sign to keep going for it and possibly increase the blog posts 😉 I need to check out that post. Thanks for sharing and continued favor and blessing.

  3. Come on! I completely agree. Feedback, in any form, is what encourages us to continues to blog and share our hearts.

    Love this. Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Thanks, Sarah. I love how the Lord uses people to encourage us! Timely.

      I took a peek at your blog, good stuff. Keep going with what you are doing. 😉

      Blessings and Favor to you!

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