A Jesus-Centered Quinceanera

When a father of one of our youth asked me to do a ceremony for her daughter’s Quinceanera, I just looked at him and asked him to repeat the request.

I said, “can you say that again, what is a Quinceanera?”

I’ve been in ministry almost thirty years and you’d think I would know what one is but honestly, I didn’t.

What Is A Quinceanera?

I learned that a Quinceanera is the celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday that marks the transition from childhood to womanhood. Quinceanera’s are celebrated largely in hispanic and Latin American cultures and are predominately Catholic.

The Quinceanera is just like a wedding ceremony. It’s big, could be extremely lavish and it’s rich in meaning. The family invites many of their extended family and friends. We were expecting 200 people at this one.

Though I did not know what a Quinceanera was, I decided that I would learn and take this on for this family.

Jesus-Centered Quinceanera’s Are Hard To Find

I searched the internet for Quinceanera ceremonies and soon discovered all that goes into the ceremony.  Quit a bit!

But to my surprise, a Jesus-centered Quinceanera was extremely difficult to find.

I finally discovered one or two Jesus-centered ceremonies and got started putting together my own.

The Day Of The Quinceanera

The Quinceanera went well even though I totally messed up on the pronunciation of the word in the ceremony. Quite funny.

A cool thing happened after the ceremony. A deacon from the local Catholic church approached me and told me that he does Quinceanera’s just about every weekend. At this point, I thought I was going to get some kind of correction or rebuke! But he told me that this is one of the best Quinceanera’s he has ever seen or heard and asked me if I could send a copy of the ceremony to him. I did!

A Quinceanera Resource For Download

Because I had such a hard time finding a Jesus-centered, gospel-centered Quinceanera, I thought it would a great resource for anyone who needs help in putting one together.

You can download it here.

PDF Copy: Jesus-Centered Quinceanera.

Word Copy: Jesus-Centered Quinceanera.

Question: Have you ever been to a Quinceanera? What has been your experience in either leading or attending one?

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  1. Jacob Varughese Aug 18, 2014 at 5:40 am

    Hi Pastor Greg,
    I went through the PDF of the whole ceremony. It was awesome. Praise God for giving you the wisdom and knowledge to make it a great Jesus-centered Quinceanera. Loved all your insights as a dad in there.

    Have a blessed day,

    1. Greg Simas Aug 18, 2014 at 8:14 am

      Hi, Jacob. Glad everything downloaded properly. Favor and Blessings to you!


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