Convergence House of Prayer
The Ministry Rooms and Prayer Room
This is the third edition of New Future Friday. I don’t know if you have ever gone through a full building program but there is great glory, great detail and tons of what I call “10 year” decisions. Nonetheless, there is joy in the journey seeing the new Convergence House of Prayer going up.

I remember Wendi and I (Hannah and Jordan) moving to the Bay Area from Eugene, Oregon in 1995 with nothing but a call of God and a small group of good friends. It’s been quite a ride.

And the lessons I’ve learned about longevity in one place cannot be measured. There are things only longevity can teach. Thank the Lord for His faithfulness through the years.

Because I have not posted for about 4 weeks the pictures will be a bit time-lapsed. For the record, something new is happening each day. The work is getting smaller in size as the builders move onto greater detail.

Building Update

Here is what is happening on the new building.

  1. Framing going up, in fact, it’s just about complete.
  2. Electrical is being set in place. All types of power being installed.
  3. Sheet Rock going up all around the building.
  4. Stage (Platform) is being built.
  5. Security System Wiring going in.
  6. Duct Work for AC continues to move along.
  7. Roof is almost complete.
  8. Skylights in administration offices are complete.
  9. Ministry rooms up and sheet-rocked.
  10. Landscaping started.
  11. Walls are now getting taped.
  12. And much more…

Please add the Staff to your prayer lists. Moving through the building process is requiring much grace, extra strength and greater endurance. Overseeing and giving direction to the construction of the building, pastoring and growing people and ministry is a huge challenge. We have a great team and God is helping us each step of the way.

Ending Thoughts

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  1. Super Cool! I love that “Revival Hallway.” Is that where you’ll put the really loud intercessory missionaries so they can pace back and forth?

    1. Hi Megan. Haha. I can picture it now. The Revival HallWay is just a last minute idea I randomly put out there. All revivals begin with intercession so this could work. Thanks for sharing.

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