Convergence HOP
Getting Ready to drop Time Capsules
This is the fourth edition of New Future Friday.

Recently, we dropped in two time capsules and read a short decree praying over the building and worshipping the Lord together. We also placed a Bible in the stage near the pulpit as a prophetic act that the Word of God will always be taught in this place. An amazing time.

Here is what we placed in the time capsules.

  1. A Bible
  2. Significant Prophetic Words
  3. Pictures of Prophetic Paintings
  4. Worship Songs
  5. My Decree
  6. Scripture Verses.
  7. A few other small items.

Keep us in your prayers as we move forward. The major construction is near complete. We are working now on the coffee shop and recording studio. Following these two items we will begin all the finishing work (and there is plenty of it).

Enjoy the pictures.

[Click on any picture to create a slide show]

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