New Future Friday (5)


This is the fifth edition New Future Friday.

We are just a few short months away from the completion of our new building. It’s been quite a journey.

Our media team (ahem, Kindsey) filmed a short documentary with Wendi and I about the project. We briefly share our prophetic journey and an update on the status of the building up to this point.

You will get a greater look at the inside of the building and see us more up-close and personal.

Shooting the video and sharing our story was fun.

Keep us in your prayers as we move forward. The major construction is near complete. We are working now on the coffee shop and recording studio. Following these two items we will begin all the finishing work (and there is plenty of it).

Enjoy the video!

[reminder]Share with me your thoughts on the video, would love to read and respond to them. You can leave a comment below.[/reminder]

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Greg Simas
Greg is the Founder and Senior Leader of Convergence House of Prayer, Husband, Father, Pastor and Writer. He is married to his wife Wendi, and have three amazing children and four grandchildren. Greg lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  1. I cried through this whole video! It’s overwhelming to see what God has done. To think I was here, in the very beginning, when we had church in a garage. It’s been such a JOY to see if all unfold. Such a privilege to serve alongside you and Wendi in building His House of Prayer in Fremont!

    1. Thanks so much Barbie. I am blown away by your and Lynn’s faithfulness to the Lord and to us through the years! Thank-you!

  2. Great video! Did you get the scripture idea from the documentary we did on our building? Can’t wait to come check it out.

    1. Thanks Dean. Did not even know you guys did this on your own building ;). This is something we did way back when we built the “Filling Station” kitchen. Anytime we build something we put the Word on it! Hey and thanks for being a part of our journey!

  3. Every blessing (Eph. 1:3) … awesome!

    1. Thanks Brian. I receive the Ephesians 1:3 blessing and more!

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