Night And Day Worship And Prayer Growing In Many Churches

Greg Simas

A few days ago my wife, Wendi, and I had the privilege of speaking at Living Water Church, an Assemblies of God church with two growing campuses; one in Berkeley and the other in Alameda. The church is filled with young adults who love God and are passionate for His presence.

Recently, Living Water launched the Upper Room; a prayer room located several hundred feet from UC Berkeley’s campus.

We thoroughly enjoyed the meeting. The message I brought to Living Water is “The House of Prayer – Unto His Glory”. God showed up. At the end of the meeting, many people came forward wanting to see and be involved with night and day worship and prayer. Wendi and I ministered to these amazing folks until almost midnight.


We are witnessing a huge growing passion in the hearts so many people in the church to have a “House of Prayer” expression (that is, night and day worship and prayer) become the growing “center” of the church. Not only this, but many churches are becoming outright Houses of Prayer with their own unique expression as the Holy Spirit leads them.

God is bringing major denominational and high-level ministry streams together around a convergence of night and day worship/prayer, the supernatural and missions to glorify Jesus and fuel a global harvest.

Here are a couple of significant things that are happening.

1.  A growing hunger for Night and Day Worship and Prayer 

There is a rapid escalation of night and day worship and prayer filling the earth. This is due to the Lord putting it in the hearts of people all over the planet. There is really no other way to explain this but to say that the Lord is sovereignty doing it. Young adults are leading the way.

Recently a friend of mine reported that he went to the underground church in China by invitation of Brother Yun (The Heavenly Man) to teach them about the House of Prayer.

My friend found himself teaching Pastors with congregations of 400,000 to 1 million people how they can successfully build 24/7 night and day worship and prayer throughout the underground church in China, leading to greater depths in God and national revival.This is the underground church in China that is already averaging 4-6 hours in worship and prayer a day and is asking House of Prayer leaders for help. This is extremely humbling!

2.  A growing hunger for Night and Day Worship and Prayer in the hearts of Pastors and Five-Fold ministry leaders

Perhaps this is what is encouraging me the most. The Lord is sovereignty putting the House of Prayer reality in the hearts of Pastors and five-fold leaders all over the earth.

Loren Cunningham from YWAM is working with Mike Bickle of iHOP-KC  (click this link to know more about what the House of Prayer is) to have a House of Prayer on every YWAM base in the world.

Whether churches are going full steam ahead on shifting their cultures to a House of Prayer reality or not, what is evident is the growing number of churches and ministries making worship and prayer the main event. Prayer rooms are going up all over our region, country and the world. In other words, prayer and worship are becoming preeminent in the church.


The house of prayer is not another “program” that we tack onto the church. The house of prayer is the way we do church.

Many Pastors and ministry leaders are being led by the Lord to move their churches and ministries in this direction. This is what happened to me about four years ago. We successfully transitioned with zero attrition.

What we witnessed at Living Water Church, as many people came to the front of the building in response to day and night worship and prayer, is this deep hunger to see the earth filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as worship and prayer take center-stage in the church. They want to go deep in God and truly know Him, to set their face before Him and change history. It’s happening.

What are your thoughts on this post?  If you are involved in any of the streams (mentioned above) what are YOU seeing, sensing, reading, hearing and/or experiencing? Are you getting this same sense of what is happening or are you seeing things differently? Love to get your response.

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Greg Simas
Greg is the Founder and Senior Leader of Convergence House of Prayer, Husband, Father, Pastor and Writer. He is married to his wife Wendi, and have three amazing children and four grandchildren. Greg lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  1. Hi Greg,
    How true! I have a House of Prayer running since last February and am trying to encourage the churches of our area to come out and pray. The movement is a bit slow but I know the Holy Spirit is working. I would love to see this explode into a 24/7 House of Prayer but right now it is just one day a week for 6 hrs.
    Even though we only have a small few who are dedicated to coming out to pray the results in the spirit realm are powerful. I can sense the strongholds over our town crashing and I know freedom is right there.
    Blessings brother. 🙂

    1. Hi Child of God. Love what your are doing. Keep up the good work as the Lord leads you. The more prayer in every city, the better. Glad you stopped by and kicked off the discussion. Blessings.

  2. I always thought it was interesting that churches in Russian and Ukraine always call their buildings, “Houses of Prayer”. I think it’s appropriate. Our church usually does an all night prayer meeting on New Years Eve.

    1. Hi Caleb. I went to Russia for ministry about 12 years ago. Flew into Moscow and stayed in the surrounding areas for about 10 days with the Book of Hope ministry organization. We passed out New Testament literature in the public schools and held assemblies in the evening. Very cool that people call their churches, Houses of Prayer. Is there any reason for this? Just wandering.

      1. Isaiah 56:7 refers to the temple as a “house of prayer” Jesus also quotes that in Matthew 21:13 when he clears the temple of the sellers and money changers.

        1. So the churches in Russia and the Ukraine are following what scripture says is the church. I fully agree!

          1. Well, sort of. In Scripture the temple was called a house of prayer, but there is no occasion when the meeting place for the church was called a house of prayer. Nonetheless wherever Christians come together to worship and prayer should by that fact become a house of prayer!

            1. Btw, I think you’d be amazed at how much Moscow has changed over the past 12 years. I was there this past summer and it’s a pretty amazing city!

            2. I thought it was pretty amazing twelve years ago! 🙂

            3. I agree. Though the “name” is not mentioned directly it certainly is supported by the words of Jesus. In the gathering we function as a house of prayer.

  3. I personally believe it’s a great idea and use of a church building to have things going on during the week (outside of the normal Sunday worship) that will help advance the Kingdom of God (while being a blessing to the community). Great topic! Enjoyed reading it.

    1. Hi Dan. Thanks for reading. I couldn’t agree more.

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