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 This is part three of a series of blog posts that define the difference between a House of Prayer and a Traditional Church.
When I say, “a traditional church” I am referring to structure not necessarily style. I understand that styles come and go, yet I believe structures live on for centuries.

Let’s keep in mind that HOW we build something determines how we will need to sustain it. If we build our churches on events then we will need to sustain our churches with events. If we build our churches on personalities then we will need to sustain it with personalities.

Now I am fully aware that the above statement allows for variances in methodology and I am convinced that things can change, but it’s the principle that I am trying to communicate here, “how we build it is how we sustain it.”

God at the Center

The House of Prayer is established with the conviction that Jesus is our number one priority. While ministry to and with people is valuable, intimacy with God is crucial.

For all the years I’ve spent pastoring in “traditional” churches, extended times encountering God’s worth, presence and beauty were mentioned but seldom made room for. To be honest, programs and events consumed the church calendar.

Whether it’s the Mosaic Tabernacle, the Tabernacle of David or what is currently happening in heaven (Revelation 4,5), I would think that it is fairly clear that God and encountering Him is central in heaven and in the Bible. And I would think that if the House of Prayer is central in heaven and in the Word then I believe that it should be central in the church.

Building the Church on the Worth of Jesus NOT Outcomes

We cannot build theThe House of Prayer on outcomes but on the the worth of Jesus .

  • How will a Prayer Room grow my church?
  • How will a Prayer Room increase ministry?

The answers to these questions are considered be the outcomes of a House of Prayer not the substance of a House of Prayer.

If we build primarily on outcomes (results) and not substance (the worth of Jesus) then when the results don’t meet our exceptions we will move on to the next thing.

This is why a Prayer Room sits in the center of church life and all ministry flows from it.

While the outcomes of a House of Prayer reality are amazing (more on this later), they are not the substance for the House of Prayer, His worth is.

The Prayer Room in Heaven

The thousands upon ten thousands in the Prayer Room of heaven (Revelation 4,5)  gather around the throne and worship Him for WHO He is, not for what He can do for them.

The substance of their worship is Jesus and the outcome of their worship is greater levels of encounter.

Worth and glory TO Jesus meet an encounter and revelation OF Jesus.  

The Cost And The Call

I strongly believe God is setting leadership in place who will start Houses of Prayer and/or will begin to move their churches and ministries into a House of Prayer reality.

Having a Prayer Room in the center of all church life will mess with our time commitments, current church structures, ministry demands and our own self-centeredness.

I believe that these sacred cows are worth slaying if it brings His church into greater glory and maturity. 

Questions: Do you see prayer growing in the local church? What do you think about a House of Prayer reality? Do you think the Lord is redefining the church today?

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  1. Yes!! Amen! Thank you for sharing this series on the House of Prayer. This is what Father has laid on my heart and I desire to see this for not only my local church but all of the churches. Jesus centered!

    Jesus gave up everything for us it is only fitting to give up everything for Him; He is so worth it.


    1. Hi Child of God. I believe the Lord is strongly anointing people like yourself to carry this message to their own congregation and region. I do believe God is redefining His church in our day. May the Lord continue to increase passion and fire for His Holy heart!

  2. Love what I’m reading! It’s so refreshing to hear others echoing these thoughts. Our ministry vision is to increase the number of worshippers representing India before the throne of God.
    At Covenant School of Worship, though we are a training and equipping center, our aim is to keep the incense of prayer and worship burning as many hours of the day as possible. We start at 5:30 am with reading the Word out loud then personal devotions. We have a worship set at 9 am, theology class at 11 am, worship set at 7 pm and night watch begins about 9:30 pm. Our staff worships at other hours of the day in their rooms, in the garden, and as God provides, hopefully soon in a new prayer room that we are trying to partition off. Students are encouraged to make their four hours of practice each day, intentionally worshipful and prayerful.
    At our Covenant Worship Centers, which are urban youth church plants, staff and their disciples minister to The Lord for a few hours in the morning and in the evenings. In the afternoons, they prayer walk the city, and often see their prayers for souls answered right as they pray there. We are believing for the kind of supernatural harvest that Amos 9:11-14 talks about, as we pursue being mini-Tabernacles of David restored.
    Can’t wait to see what it looks like 10 years from now!

    1. Who would have thought coming out of High School that you would wind up in India building the House of Prayer! Pretty crazy. So glad you’re in ministry and partnering with the Lord with what He is doing, right now, in the earth. I will keep you guys in prayer as you continue in what He has called you to do. Proud of you!

  3. I really appreciate the things you write and share. The Spirit is so clear, gentle and instructive. I just want you to know I appreciate what you share. Thanks you.

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