Officially Partnering with ManUp Leadership

Today, I am excited to announce my partnership with ManUp Leadership.

The Initial Email

Recently I received an email from Josh Hotsenpiller, Pastor of Existence Church in San Diego  and founder of ManUp.

 Greg –

My name is Josh Hotsenpiller, I Pastor in San Diego. I’m launching an App for men called, “MAN UP!” I’m working with leading pastors around the country by loading their sermons and articles for men to listen to and read in our resource section of the app.

A guy in our church passed on one of your blog posts and I dug it!

I want to invite you to partner with me to reach and lead men for the kingdom!

Feel free to take a look and lets chat!

What is ManUp Leadership All About?

I believe ManUp is an amazing tool to encourage and strengthen guys to live and lead their life and families biblically.

Here is what ManUp is all about.

“We believe God made men to lead. We also believe many of us have slipped into a state of being passive followers rather than passionate leaders. We believe it’s time for men to ManUp and take personal responsibility for their growth and that’s why we created the ManUp Leadership app.”

“The ManUp Leadership app is an environment on your mobile device that will enable you to learn, grow, be challenged, confess, and solve problems together with other men while also engaging in adventure – all inside one mobile environment. The app is also anonymous so you can feel comfortable sharing and receiving information without worrying about guarding your privacy. We all have a need for a safe…”

Articles Up on ManUp

ManUp has asked me to partner with them to strengthen and encourage men from, literally, around the world using my blog posts with their ManUp Leadership App. This is truly an amazing blessings from the Lord.

I shot over twelve blog posts and my first four posts are live on ManUp. I urge you to download the ManUp App and use it (it’s free).

Just want to let you know that the App is specifically designed for men. ManUp deals with real men issues and it’s pretty straight up which I love!

I love what Josh and his team are doing and SO glad we are partnering with them.

Your Thoughts

What do you think about ManUp Leadership? Do you feel the rise of mobile technology  and apps can help minister and make a difference in the lives of others? Or just share your thoughts about this post? Add your comments below.

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    1. Hi Wilson. ManUp is continually upgrading the App and content. It’s just going to get better. 😉 Thanks for stopping by and adding a comment.

      1. Hello, Rushing Wind. Thanks for the encouragement. I pray we all continue to find and grow in favor with God. Thanks for sharing.

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