Personal Coaching For Those In Ministry And Why You Should Consider It


I am currently involved in a Ministry Coaching International (MCI) and I highly recommend it to any who want to go higher and further in their ministry and leadership growth. MCI is the ministry branch of the highly regarded Building Champions organization. MCI carries the same philosophy as Building Champions but is specifically focused and priced for those in ministry.

So What is Coaching?

Here is a quick definition of coaching that I pulled off of MCI’s website. I feel like it capsulizes the essence of coaching.

“Coaching is a one-on-one relationship focused on life and leadership transformation. While it includes all the benefits of counseling, mentoring and accountability, coaching is more holistic. MCI’s coaching engages the Holy Spirit and applies a systematic approach to achieve success in one’s spiritual life, personal discipline, leadership advancement, optimum health and priority management.” (Ministry Coaching International)

My Journey Into Coaching 

I sensed for a few years that I needed help in taking my personal and leadership growth to the next level but really did not know how to go about it. I read books and arranged more one-on-one time with others but I soon discovered that I needed a more structured approach from someone who provided the framework and time to move me forward with my personal development, ministry goals and vision.

So I considered coaching.

Honestly, when I first entertained the idea of professional coaching I resisted. Paying for a coach sounded like “I needed professional help” and a probable waste of money. Though I resisted coaching the Holy Spirit nudged me forward. As a result, I started researching and praying about personal coaching.

In my research, I discovered that many Pastors, ministry leaders and top CEO’s have coaches. I was quite shocked. So many of these leaders attributed much of their success in ministry, business, family and personal life to coaching.

Bethel Coaching Program

I also discovered that our extended church family at Bethel Church, Redding is using a coaching program for staff and leaders. I dialogued with the churches Executive Staff team about the use and benefits of coaching. Key Executive Staff members are certified coaches and are bringing oversight to coaching within the church and ministry school.

Many of these leaders would not commit both time and money (both precious resources) to something that is not beneficial to themselves and those they lead.


I felt confident the Lord was leading me into some kind of coaching program. To top things off, right at the point of making the decision to pursue coaching our official denominational ministry magazine, “Enrichment” focused an entire publication on coaching and the need for ministry leaders having a coach and leading a coaching program. I felt this was a prophetic confirmation to give it a try.

Results From Being in the MCI Coaching Program

I am now entering my ninth month in the year long coaching program. I would have to say that coaching has exceeded my expectations. I will share more of my coaching journey in future posts.

7 Reasons Why I Strongly Recommend Coaching

I jotted down seven reasons why I recommend coaching based on my own experience.

  1. Coaching provides a framework to leverage your strengths and develop and maximize your leadership gifts.
  2. Coaching provides an outside perspective from people who have “been there”.
  3. Coaching provides a direct approach to eliminate blind spots and receive expert counsel, direction and encouragement.
  4. Coaching provides a listening ear.
  5. Coaching instills confidence.
  6. Coaching provides clarity and focus.
  7. Coaching is proven in many ministry leaders lives.

If you have been thinking and praying about coaching consider MCI or other coaching organizations. If you have any questions or just need further information just ask. I will keep you updated on the journey and let you in on what I am learning and some of the coaching tools I am using that I think will benefit you.

Ending Thoughts

Any comments you want to share about this post? Have you ever considered personal coaching? How do you think personal coaching can impact your life and ministry? Do you know of anyone who has benefited from coaching?

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Greg Simas
Greg is the Founder and Senior Leader of Convergence House of Prayer, Husband, Father, Pastor and Writer. He is married to his wife Wendi, and have three amazing children and four grandchildren. Greg lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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  1. Dear Pastor Greg,

    Thanks for this great post and the information listed inside. The Lord also lead me into the learning of coaching at the beginning of 2012 and I became a certify life breakthrough coach after finished the two months coaching program. Then, I found myself need more experience and learning in the coaching area in order to be an effective life coach. I also did a lot research work spend hours to learn all the coaching schools and programs in the market. I am doing a personal coaching program–Find your why forward now with a coach also IHOP leader. Myself received benefits from the process and I am on the way to live out my Identity and calling toward the purpose.

    I discovered that Coaching is powerful and the world need coaches. As I want to go deeper learning in coaching, I found this a new concepts to many at lease I didn’t able found any coaching program in Chinese community or seminary. I have deep desire to learn more in the coaching area, be a great life coach and bring all my learning to Chinese community. I interested in all kinds of coach such as leadership coach, life coach, identity coach, ,marriage coach and more, please feel free give me any advises ,or a road map information toward a success life coach. Thank you !

    I like all your posts, great pastor !

    1. Hello Esther. I never knew you had training in coaching, excellent. Keep going with your pursuit.

      Here is a bit of advice from my own journey. I looked into all the coaching programs that offered certification certificates for a few months of training. I made the choice to not go that rout. Instead, I believe it’s important that I be personally coached first. I have chosen to go through the process as the learner with an experienced coach, coaching me. Plus, I needed it!

      By going through this process I gain the classroom experience and life experience in real time. It makes all the difference. Blessings!

  2. In the business world that I am in. All managers need to coach their employees and all senior engineers need to coach those who are more junior to them.

    In a nutshell, coaching is setting us in areas we can grow into, and collect feedback so we can make adjustments to achieve our areas of growth. Coaching is therefore not only important for individual, but also critical for any organization, be it church or business, to accomplish their missions by being able to transform themselves and grow into their target mission or market.

    I do hope that more coaching can be established in church circles. In fact, the sign of all mature leaders is the ability to coach others and reproduce themselves in others, such that the whole organization can grow. For pastors, this woul be part of their responsibility to shepard their congregation and community.

    1. Derrick, here is what I believe is the primary difference distinguishing coaching from discipleship. Discipleship primarily focuses on what you put into a person…while coaching primarily focuses on what you get out of a person. Discipleship is pouring in and coaching is pulling out. Discipleship and Coaching need to happen in the church. I think churches are beginning to see this. It’s important to pour into others but it’s equally important to help people fulfill their dreams, goals and calling, pulling out the treasure and developing them to reach their maximum potential in God and their vocation.

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