Fascination: The Key to an Amazing Walk with God

The God of wonders created us to be filled with endless wonder, fascination and a craving to marvel.

Why is it that people flock to places like the Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. Breathtaking. What motivates a scientist or an archeologist? Discovery.

When we traveled to England, I marveled at Stonehenge. The huge rocks that lay on the earth. How did they get there? No one really knows. Wonder.

How about the expanse and beauty of the universe that surrounds the earth. Amazing. Or the depth of a DNA strand, the atom, sound, light, the list can go on and on. Ever gaze at the beauty of an eagle in flight. Awesome.

The greater our technology becomes the more we discover and the more we are fascinated and marvel at the creativity of God. What we see here on the earth is a tiny, minuscule, preview of what awaits us in heaven.

The drama around the throne (Rev. 4:8; Isaiah 6:3) where the “Burning Ones” are gazing at the constant, breathtaking, ongoing revelation of the beauty of God and the eternal expanse of His endless existence. No wonder they fall down and say Holy Holy, Holy. They are filled with the ongoing light of wonder, fascination, revelation power and pleasure.

1 Corinthians 2:9 “However, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him”


God alone is the ultimate reason why the heart is created to marvel. He has made Himself available to be discovered. Not one thing can capture the heart like God can. Though secular entertainment has discovered how to capture in part the “wonder” in us, it cannot replace it. Universal Studio’s is no match for the God of the Universe.

But for many in the church their relationship with the Lord is focused more on enduring than enjoying, Never knowing that encountering the depths of God and His beauty is the ultimate experience of joy. There is nothing’s better than our spirit being touched by the Holy Spirit.


Whatever fascinates us gets our attention and ultimately our affection. We value what marvels us. We become what we behold. This is the key!

If our hearts are not captured by God we will turn to entrainment, recreation or even unhealthy addictions as the primary means to fulfill our need for fascination. But in the end, these never truly satisfy. We just wind up spending lots of money, resources and time for a very small return. Bad investment all the way around.

We become depleted when we choose our ministries at the expense of Gods beauty. By making the knowledge of God our lifelong occupation we cultivate our hearts to live from eternal pleasures. Once these pleasures are discovered, all else pales in comparison.

The ultimate prize is that we know the living God.

Philippians 3:8 What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things. I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ


Being fascinated with God will strengthen you during trials, shield you from temptation, sustain your ministry, reward you with wonder, consume you with passion, release you to power, bless you with favor and captivate you with revelation.

It will align your heart and focus your day. It will make you a better friend, husband, father, wife and mother because you are becoming a better person, a godly person. It will make you more confident and it guarantees His will being done on earth as it is in heaven.


I think fascination is an outcome of searching something out. It comes by way of discovery. We cannot be fascinated by what we fail to experience. We become fascinated with God when we encounter God. This requires something from us.

A person who digs for gold has to dig! A scientist who wants to discover has to observe. There is no substitute. We have a God inviting us to encounter His beauty but we must understand that it will take time, energy, fasting and prayer and study to discover the vast depths of who He is.

Fascination is a result of discovery
Discovery is a result of a pursuit.
Pursuit is the result of hunger
Hunger is a result of revelation
Revelation is a result of God wanting to make Himself known to us.
It all starts in the heart of God.

It is up to us. Will we launch our hearts in an all out pursuit of the living God? Can we do this with no strings attached? In other words, is knowing God enough? The  “Burning Ones” who are undone around His throne in heaven would say, Yes!


1. Pray! Let the Lord know you want your heart supremely fascinated with Him.

2. Understand that your discovery requires a search and this will require time and energy.

3. Keep in mind the verse that promises that if you draw near to God, He will then draw near to you.

4. Read the Word asking the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to you. Jesus is the greatest revelation of the Father and the ultimate treasure.

5. Be patient. Fascination grows over time.

6. Enjoy the journey. This adventure of encounter is something the Holy Spirit is leading you into.

7. Lastly, Keep the Testimony. Anything that has a response “God, you are amazing!” I keep in front of me. Things like healing, miracles, answers to prayer, things that display His beauty and power. This can come via pictures, video, music, science etc. Anything that reveals his character and nature.

YOUR TURN: Do you agree that living in the realm of fascination is vital for the believer? Why or why not? What’s been your experience?

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Greg Simas
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Cindy Aguilar
10 years ago

Awesome! Yes I agree! Everything, every aspect of my life has changed, every view, every thought! I have been captivated forever! Forever changed and forever going forward! I agree with Barbie! You are a a roll! Keep going PG!

10 years ago
Reply to  Cindy Aguilar

So glad you are living from this reality!  I wished that someone would have taught me much earlier in my walk with the Lord and my calling in ministry. So glad to see you getting involved in the M1P community! 

10 years ago

100% and more!!!!  fascination, captivation, the hunger for a deeper, more intimate relationship ……longing for that beautiful fragrance, the tenderness of His love, the POWER of His love, the knowing that i am His……without it i would be nothing……without it i would/could be a bitter cold wretch of a being…..without it i would simply go thru the motions, never knowing……the peace and contentment of belonging

10 years ago
Reply to  Ruhis1st

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Great to see you commenting and adding your input, Kathy! I fully agree!! Weird, but for some reason this idea and revelation of fascination was not taught to me for over 20 years. But looking back over my journey and seeing the many shipwrecks in the lives of both ministers and local church folks, I am convinced this has to be supremely valued and fully integrated into our lives as believers! 

10 years ago

I think of Nina’s song “Captivated”, and ever time I sing it I ask myse’f “do I really”?  Yes, I long to be captivated by Him.  I want to fix my gaze on HIm, to lock my eyes on Him and see deep into the beauty realm.  I am praying for this fascination!

10 years ago
Reply to  Barbie

So glad that many of us are pressing into this reality. Thanks for sharing! 

10 years ago

Fascination is the key to life, aka: desperation. When Ive tasted of His presence, it becomes all I long for. When I loose fascination, I lose hunger, and other things fill my ‘desperation’. I have to have His eyes daily.

8 years ago

I have been trying to understand how to love God, however, my understanding was shallow. Thank you for explaining the methods of loving God. My pursuit in knowing him has been made clearer through the steps you have outlined. May the almighty God bless you.

8 years ago
Reply to  Elvino

Hello Elvino. Love that you are on the amazing pursuit of how to love God and I’m so glad that this article helped you. May the Lord continue to show you truth that leads to a greater reality of the depths knowing the Lord. 😉

Phylis Wanjau
7 years ago

Sure, “Revelation is a result of God wanting to make Himself known to us” God does greatly love us that He would not let us get lost in our own fascination(desparation). Thank you Pastor.

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