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My Top Five Digital Tools To Know God Better

Here are my top five digital tools that I am using to know God better.

These tools help me with content creation and content immersion. For me, growing in God is taking in information/revelation and processing that revelation so it becomes practical in my life. The combination of both is what helps me grow in the Lord.

Top Five Digital Tools

1. YouVersion

I use YouVersion for my daily Bible reading. In my opinion, there is nothing better. With over ten million reading plans completed worldwide with YouVersion it’s almost like a mini Bible reading revival.


You can select from tons of different reading plans and many different translations. You can subscribe to the Bible reading plans and have them emailed to you. On top of that you can listen to your plan audibly thorough the app. There is just too much to share here.

I read the Bible straight through each year using the chronological reading plan.

You can tell I love this app. To find out more just go to YouVersion.

2. Logos Bible Software

I use Logos for all my in-depth Bible study. Logos is not cheap but it worth the investment.

Logos Bible Software

Here is why I use logos.

Ease of Use: I remember the days of pulling volumes of commentaries, word studies and Bibles off my shelf and onto my desk. Logos sorts all this out and turns a day of study into about one hour. Just type a passage in the search box and click the “go” button. All the info on the passage you selected shows up in a nicely formatted window pane ready to be used.

Study Anywhere: Carry virtually all your resources on your different digital devices all synced and ready to go.

Original Language and Context: You don’t have to feel intimidated about studying the original language. Know the hebrew and greek meaning of a word and context is just a few seconds.

Additional Information: You can look at maps, timelines, biblical cities and people, images and more all in a matter of seconds.

3. Day One Journal

I use Day One as my digital journal.

Writing helps me process information and articulate my thoughts. This is critical for me. I ask the Holy Spirit to help me understand what I am learning enough to where I can write it down. (I fully understand that I will receive things front the Lord that I just cannot articulate right away and it’s totally ok.)

DayOne Journal

Because I am also a Pastor, I write to prepare teaching notes. This too, is a valuable means of refining what I am learning.

I use a modified template that I downloaded from Michael Hyatt that helped me kick-start my journalling. The template is free.

4. Wunderlist

I use Wunderlist as a resource for all my prayer requests and declarations.


Wunderlist is a task management system. Within the app I have an assigned task called “daily”. Within the daily task list I keep all my prayer requests and declarations neatly organized using subtasks and a notes section.

Wunderlist is my digital source to help me communicate more specifically and intentionally with the Lord as I move through each list.

Wunderlist syncs with all my Apple devices (Windows and Google too) and any additions or changes to my “daily” list are seamlessly synced across all platforms. I have the list set to “repeat” daily so after I pray I simply check off the task and it appears the next day with my prayer requests, declarations or even attached documents all in tack.

So I can use Wunderlist anywhere; the Prayer Room, running errands, talking with a friend or colleague having updated access to all my prayer requests declarations and files.

5. Kindle

I use Kindle for all my online book reading.

Books help me grow. Insights God gives to others are extremely beneficial to me.


With Kindle, I can literally keep all my books on my iPhone, Macbook Air and iPad. If I am reading a book on my iPhone it syncs all read pages across all platforms seamlessly.

All my highlights and notes made on the Kindle are stored on my own personal “highlight” page provided by Amazon. This means ALL my highlights and notes from ALL my books are located in one place with hype-links to link back to each and every book. I also have all highlights and notes in on each book on my Kindle apps across all platforms.

When I am studying a certain subject, lets say “prayer” or “God’s glory”, I have all my highlighted resources in one place to pull from.

In addition, I can copy and paste any highlight and put it in another document such as Word or the Day One journal. I also use highlights for teaching notes, writing and study.

Continuity and Focus

I like the idea of having all my digital resources all in one place on all my devices. This creates continuity, focus and needed resources almost instantly.

I can read the Bible, study the Bible, journal my thoughts, pray, declare and read books that I feel the Holy Spirit is leading me to read. I can do all of this from any digital device, almost anywhere and at anytime with the goal of knowing God better.

Do I still use paper? The answer is yes but this is for another post.

Do you use any of these digital resources, if so, how do you like them? Are there other resources out there that are not mentioned here? Love to know what those are.

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  • I recently downloaded Wunderlist. I have used Evernote for declarations. Should be using it for prayer as well. I’m guessing that Wunderlist may be a simpler approach? Wow, the highlight page from Amazon really resonates. Not sure why I’ve not been doing that. Efficient system!

    • Hi Brian. For some reason a lot of people don’t know about Kindles highlight service. This is the number one reason I went to digital reading with Amazon. I can show you hundreds of paper books in my library that I’ve bookmarked or highlighted and have never gone back to. The good news about Kindle highlights is that the service is web-based and free! I think you will really enjoy it.

      • Thanks Greg. This is a resourceful post. I enjoy composing declarations/confessions, sometimes adapting from others. Do you have declarations that you have published or made available online?

  • This is a great list. I keep everything in Evernote and it’s been very helpful to have access to all my notes across all my devices. I have recently been rethinking my “personal workflow” as I have felt lead to streamline and run leaner (if that makes sense).

    I found an iOS app called Drafts that has helped with this. It has become the one place on all my iOS devices where I go to input just about everything. I have setup “actions” that post everything where it belongs without having to have actually open, for example, Evernote, select a notebook, take a note, tag it, etc. There is already a default action to post to DayOne.

    I’m going to give Day One and Wunderlist a go again now that I have your example of how you have leveraged it.

    Thanks for taking the time to share this.


    • Hi Charles. I gave Drafts a shot and I really don’t know for sure why I didn’t stay with it. If I remember right, it did not give me the full functionality of each native app. I do think Drafts is a great tool for jotting notes on the run and shooting them to a multitude of apps on my iPhone.

      Wunderlist is an amazingly simple and powerful tool. I am a Pro user which gives me more capabilities. I do like Wunderlist’s smart and frequent upgrades so it’s going to keep getting better.

      I just installed Apple Mavericks on my Macbook Air and Day One received a huge upgrade.

      Thanks for sharing!

  • I’m a big youversion and kindle user but wunderlust is new to me, I’ll have to check it out. I use evernote to help prepare my sermons.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Caleb. All you guys are big Evernote users and I have yet to really dial into Evernote. I really need to revisit the App.

      Wunderlist is free and developing rapidly. With the use of shared lists, I suppose you can even set up prayer lists with others (ie family, ministry friends etc). The Pro version of Wunderlist is where you pick up collaboration through comments, stored files/photos etc.


  • Thanks for the shout-out for Logos Bible Software! (My employer.)

    I second others’ recommendations of Evernote … I also have been really enjoying using Trello for my “lists of lists.” The nice thing about Trello is your ability to assign “cards” to other people, allow for multiple users, and assign dates to cards. You might enjoy it. (I only wish it had the rich-text formatting that Evernote allows.)


    • Hi Rich. First time on the blog, welcome!

      So many people are endorsing Evernote, I seriously need give it a solid look.
      BTW. I LOVE Logos. So feature rich, I feel like I need to take a 6 mo. course to really learn it. It’s amazing.
      Trello, I will check it out . Heard some good things about it. Great for collaboration. I’m glad it’s working for you.
      Thanks for stopping and joining the discussion, come by again!

  • Hello Humberheart. I would recommend the ESV, NKJV and NIV (1984). I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of these,
    For Bible Study on the Mac I use Logos.You can also use Faithlife (from the makers of Logos) .
    The other Mac computer apps are Accordance and Olive Tree. All are solid.
    For Bible reading via the Web use YouVersion. There are so many cool things to do in it. (
    You can pass on the spreadsheet if you would like. Just shoot me an email at

    For Web based applications that can be used on any device (ie computer) there is Bible Gateway, Blue Letter Bible

  • PG, thanks for sharing your “secret weapon”! I’ve been looking for an app for prayers/declarations. This comes in handy! I’m going to try Wunderlust. Thanks a lot!

  • Hi Greg. I am a Logos user also. It is a very good resource, especially for studying the Bible. They have literally tons of resources to add that will enrich your Bible study.

    I would love also to see your declaration list if you don’t mind. My blog is located:

    God Bless,
    Sean 🙂

    • Hi Sean. Thanks for dropping by. I have only scratched the surface of Logos’ power. The learning curve can be a bit steep. Thanks for the reminder to go deeper with Logos. In regard to the declarations…I can shoot you a list of what I do daily. This is a personal list but hopefully you can get some fresh idea’s. Blessings!


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