Why Every Leader Needs A Tent Of Meeting

Tent of Meeting

The pressures of leadership can often be intense. We (Convergence House of Prayer) are coming down to the wire with the completion of our new building. The building is due to receive final inspections in just a few short weeks.

Right now, it feels like we are in heavy labor awaiting the baby to be born. It’s hard, it’s painful but we realize how amazing things will be upon delivery.

Through this season, I have thought a lot about the life of Moses and what he needed to do in being “the guy” to lead Israel out of Egypt and into the promised land.Moses would often head into the “Tent of Meeting” to hear from the Lord. This “Tent of Meeting” needs to be a BIG part of our lives and it cannot be neglected due to the ministry demands we all face.

Why Every Leader Needs A Tent Of Meeting

1. The tent of meeting  gives us the power and wisdom to carry out what He has called us to do. 

Ex. 33:7a “Now Moses used to take a tent…”

Moses traveled with God through the desert carrying the tent. He realized that he could not lead God’s people on his own and he needed regular communion with Him. The success of his mission depended on these regular meetings with God. This habit was everything to him.

Our daily meeting with the Lord has to be held as sacred. Our leadership grows as we meet daily with God. It’s important that this meeting be the most important meeting in our day.

2. The tent of meeting frees us from the noise of life and ministry.

Ex. 33:7b “and pitch it outside the camp some distance away, calling it the “tent of meeting.”

Moses pitched the tent outside the camp, away from the noise. Moses made an intentional decision to meet with God away from the busyness of life and ministry. This provided a distraction-free place to commune with the Lord. Talking with God “on the run” is necessary but daily-focused time with God is vital.

3. The tent of meeting creates anticipation in the hearts of those whom we lead.

Ex. 33:8 And when Moses went out to the tent, all the people rose and stood at the entrances to their tents, watching Moses until he entered the tent.”

As Moses entered the tent, a pillar of cloud would descend and rest on top of it. This must have been some sight to see.

This manifestation reveals a real important truth. The people Moses is leading are confident and expectant that their leader was communing with God.This is vital for favor, anointing and influence in keeping God’s people on God’s agenda.

When the demands of ministry take precedence to the “tent of meeting” passion wanes and confidence wavers. It’s not long until the fumes we are running on will show themselves before the people we lead. I believe it is right that the people we lead are confident in our communion with God.

4. The tent of meeting creates friendship with God.

Ex. 33:11 “The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend.”

Moses developed a relationship with God experienced by only a few. Moses was a leader of millions but more importantly he was a friend of God. Friends of God lead millions. The ministry call should lead to an ever-deeper friendship with God. Anything less defeats the very essence of the call.

Wrapping Things Up

The demands of ministry serve to grow me up not burn me out. The Lord wants each and every one of us to reach our full potential in Him.

Your tent of meeting might be early in the morning in a nice leather chair. It might be late at night in your home office. Your tent of meeting might be in a Prayer Room in your city or in your car.

Regardless of whether you serve as leaders in ministry, the marketplace or as a homemaker, we all need a daily “tent of meeting” in our lives.

Questions: Love to get your thoughts on this. Agree or Disagree? Do you find ministry, life and family demands pulling you from your tent of meeting? What do you do to keep the “tent of meeting” going in your life? Discuss. 

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Written by
Greg Simas
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Dean Deguara
7 years ago

I pitch my tent early in the morning or else the demands of life will rob me. Great post, especially this time of year as we reflect and look forward.

7 years ago

excellent word…thanks… I enjoyed that today…funny…. I also saw a TEDs about all the best leaders in the world… & how he used a “golden circle” paradigm…Why being the center, how the next layer, & the outside was “what”… claiming that the non-greats work from the outside in…but the greats from the inside out… we must have our God inspiration first… seems an interesting fit this morning.

I am encouraged by that reminder.

thanks again.


7 years ago

Amen. Thank you for that word. Its both an encouragement, reminder and confirmation of the importance of the tent of meeting, thus ensuring God’s agenda for God’s people. I love both the early mornings and the late nights to chat to my dearest best and most precious friend…Our Lord and Saviour. Speaking and communing with Him all day is wonderful, however, setting that special time is awesome. ..away from the busyness. Bless you.

7 years ago

Great thoughts, Greg! Spending time with God allows us to move successfully through any season of life (He is the life giver). I’ll be praying for you during your busy season.

Eddie Wilcox
6 years ago

I have a hard time waiting on the Lord in the mornings. I last about 30 minutes before I just give up and go to work. So I pray, worship, study the word and wait on the Lord at night.
Seeking God early also is for when trouble comes. Before going to the doctor or making choices seek him first. It has saved me from going to the doctor or dentist. I now purpose in
my heart to never go to the doctor or dentist. He has healed me multiple times. Praise God.

6 years ago

My husband and I have been called into more demanding leadership responsibilities and I was crying out to God, I can’t do this, its too much! That morning a package arrived of books I had ordered for my children and the first one I flipped open and read, God spoke to me and completely changed my heart! He said my roots need to go deep into him everyday and I will be nourished and he will do the rest. This is the book, worth a watch! I love the simplicity of the story 🙂 http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KSAxR41VpK8

[…] promise is that He will get you through the valley if you stay in communion with him. The Lord always sets a table before you in the presence of your enemies, your conflict, […]

Don Baird
4 years ago

In some way, in my mindfulness, I seldom find myself out of my Tent of Meeting. I constantly commune with God and continuously live in His presence.

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