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Why Worship Is The Ultimate Expression Of The Church

 Psalm 27:4 “One thing I have desired of the LORD, that will I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the LORD….”

Unceasing worship and prayer does not exist primarily because there is so much need in the world that we must petition Him unceasingly, but rather because the glory of God and the worth of Christ compel ongoing adoration.

A house of prayer has its inception when someone beholds the majesty of Jesus and in wisdom concludes that the only reasonable response for man is to declare His worth ceaselessly. This is the testimony of the heavenly assembly and it must be ours too.

His Glory And Worth Is The Chief Cornerstone Of The Church

The desire that His indescribable glory would be seen and His matchless worth treasured above all else must be the cornerstone upon which night and day prayer is founded and the chief reason it continues each passing moment. When Jesus reigns upon the earth and all injustice has been eradicated, He will still be worthy of unrelenting worship.

Our worship must be mingled with fervent intercession for the Church and the lost, but at the center of night and day devotion Jesus stands alone. His splendor alone is more than sufficient to warrant 24/7 devotion in Heaven and on earth.

The Ultimate Expression of the Great Commission

I would venture to say that the ultimate expression of the Great Commission is worship.

“Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church, worship is. Missions exists because worship doesn’t. Worship is ultimate, not missions, because God is ultimate, not man…Worship is therefore the fuel and goal of missions.” ~ John Piper

Camping Around Presence

Week after week churches gather around a sermon yet Israel camped around the Presence. Israel’s identity was connected to glory and all life and ministry flowed from it. I believe the priority of our gatherings must first be centered on His Worth and then become equipped from the Word. His Presence should be our number one priority.

Worship should never be treated as the “warm up” to the sermon but it should be the very life of our meetings from start to finish. We have to reach for something more that just a good sermon. We have to reach for a Glory that changes lives and forever marks purpose and destiny.

Question: Agree or Disagree? Love to get your thoughts and/or opinions to this post.

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  • I really enjoyed reading this but I do believe John Piper said that statement about missions and worship, so it would be helpful to readers to clarify that

  • I agree wholeheartedly! We were made to worship. It is the chief end of man, to give God glory. Everything centers around the magnificence of Jesus, and when it does, mission produces fruit that remains. That’s what Jesus taught in John 15, right? Live, connected to and wrapped around the Vine. Abide in Christ and let Him abide in us and then we will bear much fruit and whatever we ask in His name will be done and the fruit will be lasting.

    Our ministry, Covenant Worship, begins and ends with worship, and everything in between is worship. We started with a worship school and somehow it propelled us into urban youth church planting. Central to our church planting method, if you want to call it a method, is day and night worship and engaging unreached youth in worship and filling the city with worship and teaching people to worship. We just held a conference for our leaders and staff, in hopes of providing more training because all we are is worship leaders and we do need more training in the Word and in time management and leadership skills and such. However, the one thing that was was needed that week was–worship. Though there was teaching in the Word, it was not the main thing as I had anticipated it to be. Instead, encountering God was the main thing. In encounter, God came and trained my staff to look more like Jesus, love more deeply, hear strategy and plans, get passion and motivation for the work, discover their calling and giftings, etc. I believe mission will be powerful in our lives because the worship is powerful. And as mission accomplishes its task of transforming lost ones into worshippers, it will have a synergistic effect that empowers more fruitful mission until the whole earth is covered with the knowledge of the glory of The Lord. Lofty things but we are seeing it day by day, here in India. It is an exciting time to be alive!

    Thank you for being a voice that steers us back to our destiny as worshippers, Pastor Greg!

    • Hi Julie. Love what you guys are doing with Covenant Worship over in India. If anyone is interested here is the link to their Facebook Page. I “liked” the page and I encourage others to do so.

      You guys are totally on the right track and from what you commented above, your biblical foundation is solid! Life flows from encounter. Keep up the great work in India! We are so proud of you all!

  • Thank you Pastor Greg for this refreshing breath of invigorating truth. Effortlessly it penetrates the heart, like the ocean breeze sprays moisture across our face, like our blood carries oxygen that penetrates every cell of our body.

    When I read your printed words, its like I hear, “Gentlemen start your engines!” Always on the mark & making us ready to go!

    Thanks for your blog,

  • Hi Greg, loved this post, though I don’t see why we are contrasting “worship” with “a sermon”. Shouldn’t engaging with the word be an expression of worship? I think that we should worship in the word as it is delivered to us via a faithful expositor of God’s word. This is indeed why very person you quoted, John Piper, calls his preaching “expository exultation”.

    Perhaps this distinction we find between singing (worship) and preaching (not worship?) is an indictment of what preaching has become among many in recent days: An exhortation to action only, rather than an exaltation of the one to whom the word of God glorifies, namely, the Word incarnate!

    Just some thoughts.
    Singing = worship.
    Preaching = worship.
    Giving = worship.
    Announcements = worship.

    1 Cor 10:31

    Thanks for this post!

    • Hi Richard. First thanks for stopping by. I completely agree with your thoughts and everything around 1 Cor. 10:31. I would also agree with you about what preaching has become to many.

      My concern is what we have given greatest priority too. Piper makes this distinction as well. Missions (like preaching etc.) is act of worship and should be treated as so…but John is making a point in that the response too and declaration of Jesus’ great worth is the chief end of all mankind, the pinnacle of our worship expression.

      This expression should be found as the supreme priority each and every time we gather in our corporate worship services.

      Lastly, this is why I love writing/blogging. Solid comments provoke me to think, learn and grow. Thanks again for your thoughts. Blessings!

  • I have always thought that worship is the most important part of the church service. It grieves me when time is taken from the worship portion of the service to do things other than worship the Most High God. Certain announcements, prayer for missions teams, acknowledging certain people, even baptisms and dedications. Time is never taken away from the sermon portion of the service to do these things. Its always taking away from the Worship portion. Am I alone on this one.I’ve always thought that worship should be probably 75 percent of the service. Help me out here. I’m trying not to be judgmental. I attend what I consider is an onfire church.

    • I would agree with you on this one, Robert. We at Convergence House of Prayer are super intentional about not cutting back on worship simply because we carry the core value that declaring His worth as a community is our top priority. If we were to cut back on worship for any reason our community would feel robbed :). So everything else falls in line with this Core Value. If we need to shorten the announcements or tighten up the message then so be it. Hope this helps!


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